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  1. have been advised by trading standards that if it does go to court there can be no proven contract between my mum and 3.


    have emailed watchdog explianing the matter


    have spoken to the bank who said theyll send out a strong worded letter to Orange.. should they persist with this matter i'll start proceedings against them for harassment.


    this matter has caused my mummy dearest great upset, she couldn't sleep all last night and it greatly upset and worried by this matter. i'm goign to take her to the doccy tomo and explain the matter. fingers crossed hey..



    so trading standards = no contract can be proven Tf no way they'll win if we go to court. I'll go there witha few surprises of my own as well ;) lol


    apparently it was some indian bloke who rang up orange and lloyds to confirm the bank details... mofo


    all firther proof that my mummy is totally onnocent and not a penny should be or will be paid to Orange

  2. Basically Mob Connections signed my mum up to 2 more line rental contracts, she already had 2 at the time but with 3g and had no need for the orange ones. My mum never requested these despite the agent harassing her to do so.


    Neither did she give expressed implied or written consent to be signed up to two more contracts (ironically with Orange, who now passed the 373 debt onto moorcroft debt recoveries ltd).


    The way it happened is this rogue agent for mobile connections signed my mum onto the deal anyway. He obtained my mums bank details from previous records as we had a deal with them previously

    . Meaning they illegally held onto my mums bank details for longer than was necessary for their requirements and illegally passed it onto orange for them to take dd out of my mums account (which she cancelled and got her money back.)


    Now a point or two to note.

    there was no service agreement involving my mum and orange

    there is no service agreement for mobile connections aka dial a mobile ltd

    to act as a third party to any deals other than the 3g ones my mum took out a couple of yrs ago.



    orange can not produce a original copy of a contract between a) My mum and Orange b) Mobile conections ltd and Orange for my mum.


    so c) Moorcroft are threatening to take court action over this debt; my mum has not, is not and will not pay for a service she has never wanted, activated, used or received.


    should this go to court (as it is likely to do so; we've gotten trading standards and watchdog notified about this and tomo i'm going to the police station to file a complaint about unauthorised useage of my mums bank details, which is now in the wrong hands and may be subject to misuse).



    I mean if there can be no contract showed, proven then there is no debt, right?


    Also in our favour is that Mobile Connections ltd and Dial a Phone Ltd have been shut down by trading standard in Birmingham.

    and my mums character record is also in favour at court...


    so in summary

    mum got signed up to dodgy deals which she declined to accept

    bank details unauthorised were passed to orange from mob conn from a previous contract

    we aint paid the bills and the debt has been passed onto moorcroft recoveries ltd

    orange are understanding but moorcroft want proof that the phones were sent back which my mum aint got

    but there is information on orange computer syustems that they recieved a call from mobile connections saying they recived the phones back..

  3. Judge stops bank's penalty charges pending decision


    A woman has won a stay of execution in a court battle with bank giant Barclays.


    Judge Abrahams stopped Barclays taking any more penalty charges and interest from Nadine Fry of Wren Close who had sued for their return.


    At Luton Crown Court he ordered Barclays to stop applying the charges until a High Court test case settles the legal issues involved.


    The judge suspended Ms Fry's claim until the outcome of the test case.


    Ms Fry's father, John Fry who helped pursue the case, explained that if his daughter continued to have to make interest payments on her debts she would be in deep trouble whereas if they won the case she would be able to clear the debt completely.


    Barclays spokesman Emma Austin said: "In order to create some certainty in relation to the large number of bank charges claims that have been brought, the banks and the Office of Fair Trading are going to the High Court to initiate a test case.


    "Although in this particular case the order was made not to make further charges the judge also warned the claimant that should she exceed the authorised overdraft or have a cheque bounce during the stay, Barclays will be entitled to reclaim the charges at the end of the stay, should the test case be successful."


    Who's the daddy in finding this case... Stay of execution here i come...

  4. Recently in my local paper, Luton on Sunday i think it was, there was a case of a girl who managed to go to court and prevent her bank from taking out more charges until this test case is heard. I'm going ape sh!t here with bank charges coming out of my posterior and wish to

    do the same...


    The girl i can't remember but i know the bak was barclays... can anyone give me more information on this matter please?

    I'm going to hunt for this article now on the net, i'd be glad if someone saved me the hassle and knew of this matter already... I went ape feasces at the girl on the phone today from Lloyds TSB...


    Thanks guys

    Scrupulous Usman (i know i spelt my username wrong lol)

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