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  1. I have emailed the OFT and HM Courts Service to find out the current impact on consumers awaiting the arrival of their hearings. I would recommend that you all compile your court bundles regardless, there is no harm in awaiting today's judgement before popping them in the post. Fingers crossed that for once the consumer will reign triumphant. Monitor OFT website and all news agencies closely today.
  2. Maggie May, I have just recieved my hearing date yesterday for 25 Sept 07, Only they have given me until 1 Aug for them to receive my court bundle, a whole 6 days, that is kind of them. Anyway I am panicing a little like you. I have also printed the court bundle but am yet to read it. We both need to get hold of T&C's for Clydesdal/Yorkshire Bank. There is a library link on this site, that is under construction, which has a limited array of PDF copies of T&C's I will download the software that allowes me to read them tonight (Rapidshare or something). Also, not sure if its applic
  3. Not sure if anyone can advise but i'll give it a go. Clydesdale Bank continues to levy a £25 service charge for, what assume is, falling in to unauthorised overdraft. The irritating fact of the matter is it this £25 'service fee' that is responsible for putting me over my overdraft in the first place. I would assure there were adequate funds in this account if Clydesdale only sent me notification of this fee; alas this is not the case. They claim to have sent me the relevant notification but I never receive anything. This is a rolling problem that costs me £25 per month continually ge
  4. Interestingly I received a letter (on 20/03/07, 1 Month after initial request) confirming receipt of my £10 and indicating that they (Clydesdale Bank) have 40 days in which to provide either my statements or information of all charges. Unsurprisingly I am yet to receive any statements but have gone ahead with my claim regardless as I have 90% of my statements anyway. Amusingly, their defence states that I have not provided an account number in the particulars of my claim and are therefore unable to obtain copies of my statements (that makes two of us) and accordingly are unable to plead
  5. Thanks Rooster, just making sure I am a little paranoid of missing any response deadlines due to my misinterpretation of correspondence.
  6. Hi, I have received the "Notice of Transfer of Proceedings" from Northampton (Moneyclaim online), it does not include an allocation questionaire but includes a copy of Clydesdale's Defence and a notification stating: "Without Hearing IT IS ORDERED THAT:- 1. The filing of an allocation questionaire be dispensed with in this case unless the Disrict Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise.** Note: Any Party affected by this Order may under Rule 3.3 (5) apply to have it set asise, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under rule 23.3 within 14 days of service of thi
  7. Hi, I am claiming over £2500 from Clydesdale Bank through the English small claims court. As of 15/05/07 they have decided to defend the case, although I have not received the notification by post yet. Any advice on my next steps would be much appreciated. I had a little panic yesterday due to the anouncement that Kevin Berwick had lost his case against Lloyds TSB and subsequently frantically emailed around the 'no-win-no-fee' companies. Having heeded the advice of the moneysavingexpert and the consumer action group I have decided to go through with it as originally planned.
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