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  1. No mention on track, in this one page basic letter. It really is just a date and saying it will take 10mins. Without this site any normal person would be lost at that stage, it just has NO info on there or what to expect. I only know it's for 'directions' because I called the court today. Many people must be getting these around now and be as miffed as I am. Many thanks..I will take the draft order and propose it to the judge. In an ideal world I could do with Lloyds settling about now(prior to court)...can I do or send anything to light a spark under them and make them pay up? Post them the draft order prior to the directions hearing maybe? Surely when they do not appear at the directions hearing that is going to play in my favour...and if they have no intention of showing up...does this mean I could be due a settlement letter? Again Many Thanks.
  2. Gary, I appreciate the help..I'm sure you and others have to answer the same questions on here over and over again. In light of this I intend to contribute to this site upon settlement as a sign of my deep gratitude for members assistance...but my apologies for the following... In the first part of this thread you suggest a number of things to bring...however, the list appears under the headings 'Allocation hearings' AND 'Direction hearings'. The list is combined and although helpful I am a little confused as it covers both hearings and is mixed together. I would be very grateful if you could let me know precisely what I need for my 'Direction Hearing', as I am lacking confidence in regards to the legal side. Also would it speed up a settlement if I was to send any of the items I intend to take to court over to Lloyds solicitors...seeing I intend to show up loaded with legal knowledge/information could this finally make them pay up? Many Thanks.
  3. Thanks Els..... Called the court today and they said it would be a brief hearing for the judge to give directions. In light of the fact Lloyds are not going to turn up...am I finally at the last post or is there more delay tactics to draw this out forever and a day? Should I post out the bundles to Lloyds and the court prior to this date or is this just more waiting? I thought this might be the point that they would pay up the £3k I have chased for months on end... Would really appreciate advise on how to proceed from any members.
  4. COURT DATE!!! HELP PLEASE!! Links on here do not explain as far as I can see. I have just recieved the following in the post and need advice ASAP as date is almost here....... Take Notice that the hearing will take place on 21 June 2007 at 12:00pm at Huntingdon County court. When you should attend 10 MINUTES has been allowed for the hearing. There is no request for any bundle or information by any specific time...What on earth am I supposed to do? I have printed off the bundles to post to the court and Lloyds Solicitors...but should I send them? and why is there no directions as to what I need and when to send it by? Just one piece of paper arrived with those BASIC instructions as to when I need to be there and for how long. Would appreciate any help...am sure others MUST be in the same boat as me!
  5. Hi there cyprusgirl, I'm at the 'defence entered' stage and wondered how you were coming along with your case, as you are about 2 weeks ahead of me. Many Thanks
  6. That is the same stage I am at. The bank has filed a defence and I can no longer take any action online, according to MCOL. Awaiting a hearing date. Should I be expecting the bank to cave in soon or am I on my way to court? Over £3000 at stake, so getting a bit concerned. I started my online claim on 23rd of April. Thought they may have given in by now. Would appreciate any advice. Many Thanks.
  7. I used MCOL. I am trying to get back over £3000 and the bank have now 'Acknowledged'. The papers came yesterday saying they are going to defend. They have until 26th to respond. I am not confident that I put the account number and 'common law' reference in my POC. The date is now closing in and I am not feeling confident that the POC is strong due to the missing details. Is there anything I can do or am I worrying about nothing? Would much appreciate any advice as I have not attempted anything like this before and don't want to lose.
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