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  1. Hi NWJ - you've been a busy girl! Well done for writing all your debts down, it's a hard thing to do. As bb said, tick off each one as you deal with it, BUT you must prioritise your mortgage. Talk to them as soon as you can. As part of dealing with your mortgage arrears, you should follow up your hardship claim for the charges. Those charges would clear the arrears. Don't try to deal with everything at once. I did that when i 1st joined and got very confused!! This site is useful for trying to ascertain which benefits you are entitled to: Start Calculation but because your situation is slightly complex, it would probably be a good idea to ring the national debtline: National Debtline England & Wales, for FREE CONFIDENTIAL and INDEPENDENT ADVICE call 0808 808 4000
  2. Hi NWJ I'm sorry to hear how you are feeling. So many of us have been there, there is hope, but you do need to take action. I had to manage my debt without my husband's support. I have found that if i presented him with hard facts and how each one needed to be managed he coped a lot better. Are you incurring charges on your bank account? If so, i would consider setting up a new account of 'parachute account' to have any monies you earn paid into. You can't afford to be wasting it on charges. You will have lots of support on here, so keep posting
  3. Hi Trevor, i'm sorry to see how this has turned out. These fights are hard fights aren't they? Thinking of you x
  4. This is still rumbling on, admittedly because i've not done all i should have done A complaint has now been sent to TS, as the production of dodgy paperwork has continued. This situation is kind of a 2 pronged attack as it is adding fuel to a MBNA battle with FOS. FOS have been extremely supportive and have warned MBNA that they could be ordered to pay compensation. Once it is all settled i can explain more fully what is going on. Hope everyone is well
  5. Hi everyone An agreement was reached and i am now bound by a Tomlin Order. The monthly repayment figure and outstanding balances are ones i suggested many moons ago, but hey, they got there in the end The only thing to be settled now is the solicitors charges which will stick in my throat but they are still being negotiated by my solicitor. My main focus at the moment is to repay as much of my debt off as fast as i can. I will be sure to make additional payments on this account to clear it as soon as possible. I don't like the threat of court hanging over me, but more importantly, i don't want to give them the satisfaction - yes that stubborn bit of me is still there I want to say a final HUGE thank you to everyone that has given me moral and practical support throughout the whole of this. Thank you to those who didn't post on the thread but read it quietly and sent me pms. I particularly need to thank Paul, for the huge input he has made, particularly with the defence. It was Paul who helped me keep my head together when all this started and dedicated so much personal time to helping me. Very best wishes to everyone and good luck with your own personal battles. Now i am off to continue with mine....Cabot / MBNA are in the firing line at the moment. I have got to say i am quite enjoying it
  6. That's terrible. Well done, Bo. Your friend really shouldn't have to worry about the likes of them. I wish you both the very best. Take care hun x
  7. Hi Humbleman I'm sorry to make all this sound so intriguing. My own paranoia means i want to wait until everything is signed and sealed until i divulge exact details. The upshot is there is no great victory but a solution has been reached that has the least amount of an impact on my family. The frustrating thing is that this same solution could have been reached long ago before legal proceedings were started. Those who read my posts will know i am not about avoiding my debts. I am about repaying what i owe, but i also want to be treated fairly and will be not bullied, harrassed or expected to pay ridiculous charges. I am content i have done the best i can in difficult circumstances. I'm still watching your case, Humbleman and wish you the best of luck
  8. You're fighting well Trevor, just watch your back.
  9. ...and today i did!! Cabot have kindly put this acc on hold whilst they contacted the 'original lender' for the requested info ie credit agreement which i know MBNA do not have as it doesn't exist! Anyway Cabot have said they can now request payment as they have fulfulled their CCA obligations.... ....what they mean is, they've sent a copy of statements and someone else's application form. Once i've put the little one to bed i shall be composing a very thoughtful letter to my new found friends, Cabot. One to Trading Standards won't be far behind. I'll also be making a complaint to MBNA for handing the acc over whilst in dispute as it is still with the FOS. Wish i could be there to see their faces when they read my little composition
  10. Sorry, trying to do work stuff and got to dash out soon. Things are moving along positively but will have to wait until it is all finalised before i post more. Watch this space
  11. Hi Peter Have you read the 1st page of this thread? There's some useful info there. If you need more support, start your own thread and people can help you along your journey.
  12. Hello to the chocolate lady When BOS finally get around to writing following the same principle i discussed earlier - reply acc is in dispute, all correspondence being forwarded to FOS, 'ere is refernce, now bug off...you get the idea! If you have time to fill you could complain to the OC about passing the acc on when it is clearly in dispute.
  13. Blimey Josie, it's a long time since i've 'seen' you around! Thank you for popping in. Is all well with you??
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