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  1. I have been in a DMP for years and at the time of entering the DMP had an overdraft with Lloyds that totalled £1220. The overdraft came about as a result of late charges from the initial period of my financial difficulty. This was back in the day when penalties were £36 a time! Since 2006 I have been in a DMP via Payplan. Lloyds did freeze interest for a time but for the last three years have been charging interest. Naturally I complained but they refused the complaint even though the DMP amount was less than the interest and so the debt increased to £1600. Last
  2. Hi I've started a new thread to avoid confusion! There is a link to the old one below. I posted previously about a Lloyds TSB debt which has been sold to Aktiv Kapital. When I received AK's Notice of Assignment I sent a CCA and SAR request to them as well as an SAR request to Lloyds TSB. My reason for doing so was that prior to Lloyds selling the debt to AK, I was in the process of requesting a reclaim for substantial bank charges from LTSB dating back throughout the loan. Lloyds had already agreed a PPI refund (PPI was probably responsible for some of the bank c
  3. Hello again AK have replied to my CCA request. They've provided a stack of screenprints which show payments made from December 2004-Nov 2009. The original reason I raised this thread was because I believed that the balance AK were demanding was incorrect I 'm not sure what to do now as the last payment on the system was 2009 I don't know what balance my repayments were at when Lloyds sold the debt which doesn't solve the original point. Llotds still haven't responded to my SAR. AK's letter is not aggressive but requests a payment prposal within 14 days. An
  4. Gotcha....I'd have thought that with the fact there are groups like this getting people in the know that debt agencies wouldn't even buy a debt that large unless the OC can provide all the right paperwork(!)
  5. Even though AK have responded? Have they failed to comply because they need to get docs from LTSB ? Sorry, I'm not fully au fait with this, I don't mean to sound daft !!
  6. Hi everyone To date, I have heard nothing from Lloyds re the SAR request. AK have acknowledged my CCA request with what seems to be a standard letter saying that they will endeavour to respond within the prescribed timescales but that they need to obtain documents from the original creditor. They have explained that my account is on hold....
  7. I sent both just to be sure as I thought that this was the case. I just find it to be a bit of a paradox given that credit agreements would count as personal information in just about every other context. Idle musing that's all
  8. Haha maybe...this is going to make me sound realky stupid now but if AK have to send a copy of any/all information they have which relates to me, should this not include things like loan paperwork etc? I did CCA them as well but haven't heard back
  9. Another update... following their response to my SAR, AK have sent me a "money off" voucher offering just over £2k off the cost of an immediate settlement. Where they think I can find £21k I have no idea :-/
  10. No, not yet. I sent it to the Credit Operations address which was on the assignment notice.
  11. Following all the above, I have received the SAR reply from Aktiv Kapital. They have sent: 1. A copy of the account details ( Account number, amount, default date, amount etc as well as an Aktiv Score of 1:0) 2. A glossary of their standard abbreviations and codes 3. A transcript of all details held on their system (A customer service record showing my SAR request) 4. A copy of payment history (shows 4 payments received "via Lloyds" since 28/06/13) Should I be looking for anything else?!
  12. Thankyou for all your advice. I have sent SAR's to both Lloyds and Aktiv Kapital as well as a CCA request to AK. I'll let you know how it goes. Payplan also advised me to complain to the Financial Ombudsman because for 6 of the 8 years that this matter has been ongoing, LTSB refused to freeze interest and as such, the balance of the original loan has been reduced by only a very small amount. I don't know how successful this will be seeing as Lloyds have actually sold the debt and therefore asking them to remove interest from the balance seems pointless. I guess I'll ha
  13. Yes, its a default on my credit report. I'll CCA AK as you suggest. If I was AK though I wouldn't buy a debt if I knew it could be challenged in any way so I'd have thought they'd have their stuff in order but there seems to be no exact science to this! As Renegadeimp says, why would Lloyds sell a debt that big in the first place? Oh well. Watch this space I guess.
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