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  1. So excited i cant add up!!! 4900.00 better off!!!!!
  2. I've won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Money in the bank today, Amount claimed 2700.00 Amount received 2700.00. This is also my second win as i won on account 1 in may for 2200.00, 4700.00 better off hopefully now we can get sorted and restore some normality to the finances. Thanks to all who helped.
  3. Hi They didnt file and serve thier documents by 18/6, so were given an extension until 4pm 11/7 and missed that too!!!, its Bournemouth court.
  4. Hi Sorry being really thick here, i have just found another letter that reads: The defence be struck out without further order and judgment shall be entered for the claimant. I have spoken to the court and they say i need do nothing and to contact them if they do not pay? So i take it taht means they are entering the judgement on my behalf and i just sit and wait for payment? Is taht right, i have read your thread but not sure if i need to go down those lines. Thanks again
  5. Yes it does for the full amount and fee's Thanks
  6. Hi I have received a letter today from my local court to say that: LLOYDS FAILED TO FILE ANS SERVE DOCUMENTS, PURSUANT TO THE ORDER OF THE 21/5 AND THE 26/6 AND THE DEFENCE STANDS STRUCK OUT AND THE COURT VACATED AND FULL PAYMENT DUE FORTHWITH TO THE CLAIMANT. Has this happened to anyone else, when is payment likely as forthwith means immediate! do i need to chase [problem] or leave it to the courts. Thanks
  7. Hi No i dont owe anything on any accounts in my name, the only people i could get thru to last night was Online banking and they have no idea, was told to ring recovery unit on monday. When this has happened before has it be due to monies being owed on other accounts then? Thanks
  8. Hi Just wondered if anyone can help i have been claiming chargeswith Lloyds since November 06, we are now at the stage of settlement, i have agreed and signed my acceptance but yesterday they put the money totalling 2200.00 into my account then took it straight back out again!!:x:x, has this happened to anyone else or anyone know of anyone it has? It was put in last thing so i cannot contact anyone til Monday as its being dealt with by the recovery centre who work Monday to Friday. Thanks.
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