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  1. A reply from Cabot. I've saved it as a .pdf so hope it uploads... Can anyone advise on what happens now? Will this debt be kept on my credit file and say if I wanted to get a mortgage at a later date would I have to pay off this debt before doing so? I very much doubt it gets forgotten about.. Thanks
  2. I replied to them a few weeks ago with a statute barred and also informed them that they had still not offered a signed CCA. Usually they reply within a week, but nothing so far..
  3. In August I received another call from HMRC. They went over my budget again, but this time VERY quickly and with pressure. I had nothing to hide so again it turned out that I still had nothing to offer. They asked for a payment right then in order to stop debt collectors getting involved. I couldn't offer, but instead told them that I would be able to offer £10 at the end of September. I was told "No". I didn't hear from debt collectors from the time between the call and the end of September, but I did receive a second penalty notice which I replied to in appeal. Due to a slight change
  4. Just an after thought, should I be informing them on this letter that the the account is now statue barred also, or should I wait for a reply? My last payment was 2 August 2007 so the 6 years are up! Thanks
  5. This is what I've written so far, does it read OK? "With reference to your correspondence of *****, I would like to point out that the information enclosed contained a copy of a Barclaycard application form which appears to have been confused with a request for a signed 'Consumer Credit Agreement' detailing Prescribed Terms as laid down in the Regulations of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It is evident that the documents I have been sent are not connected to an original signed Consumer Credit Agreement. If I may refer you to the the Waksman Judgment in Carey v HSBCicon, paragraph
  6. Thanks, I'm just making a start on the reply and although they appear to have my signature on the Barclaycard application form their last correspondence states the following: "We have also enclosed a copy of your signed credit agreement which goes beyond our obligations as set out under the CCA, but is included as it clearly shows you entered into a credit agreement with Barclaycard, the original lender" Is this their attempt to trick me into thinking that what they've sent is a 'signed consumer credit agreement?'. In the post above does 'Application' refer to the CCA? "Tell th
  7. I've had a look through all my old paperwork and can't find anything else that has my signature on. Several years ago I contacted Barclaycard for the CCA, but was ignored, yet Cabot's request was granted, so if there is anything else with my signature on Cabot will request it from Barclaycard.
  8. Ah, I think I know the doc you mean! I'll have a rummage to see if I have one anywhere, but I have a feeling that I had the document to sign and send back, but didn't with this one. Thanks for your help. Have a great day!
  9. In documents 1-20 above are Barclaycard condtions that Cabot sent, all in tiny writing.
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45867[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]45868[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]45869[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]45870[/ATTACH]Yes I did, and here are the amended documents minus personal details. The Barclaycard application is document 006. [ATTACH]45868[/ATTACH][ATTACH]45867[/ATTACH][ATTACH]45869[/ATTACH][ATTACH]45870[/ATTACH]
  11. Zooming in at 250% is the clearest I can read it.
  12. The print is even less eligible on the original printed copy I have. It looks to be a faxed document from Barclaycard to Cabot, so I am unable to answer any of your questions because I can't read them either! OK, I've just zoomed in on the .pdf doc and I can just about read it. Can you do this from where you are? If not, let me know and I will type it all out, but it will take some time.
  13. I've removed all documents as per suggestion. If you need to see these again with personal information blocked, please let me know.
  14. 006 posted at 11:07. The signature can be found in the bottom right corner (which I have blocked out).
  15. OK, thanks, my signature is on the Barclaycard Application for New Customers form.
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