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  1. to summarise the contract from purchase date to a certain reasonable time, noted via DTI factsheets this may only be a few weeks. if the purchased product is faulty the buyer has the options of either *repair *replace *refund which the initial owner/seller of the product has to honour within reasonable time, with least inconvenience and without costs to the buyer and minimal costs to the seller. in this short period from purchase the least inconvenient option is of course a replacement or refund. after the short period a refund/recission of contract cannot be authorised u
  2. Oh! I'm confused now, with trading standards telling us this we thought £70 was the best we could get and unless they don't send the cheque (which i presume they will as they will know all this) I guess i'm stuck! Sorry but what is a LBA and who is SOGA?
  3. Forgot to explain why i was offered only £70. After numerous attempts today trying to get hold of the boss i gave up(have a 3 year old can't sit dialing the phone all day) anyway eventually my father got hold of the salesman who sold the car who was instructed to offer us £70. This is half of what they could buy the clutch for and the labour on a diesel car?? Yesterday it was £70 and £150, not sure which one was labour and which was the clutch price, £250 yesterday £140 today. On my bill the clutch itself before vat was £130 so how they get that i don't know but unfortunately with my fa
  4. My father contacted trading standards this morning and they told him that we don't really have a leg to stand on and so the garage have offered £70.
  5. A few weeks ago i bought a X(2001) Citroen Saxo Diesel from a garage i found through Auto trader. I travelled 74 miles to the garage and when i tried the car i mentioned to the sales man that i thought the clutch seemed high, he then got in it and threw it about a bit and said it was fine. I drive a car and no nothing about how it works presumed this to be the truth. I picked the car up 10 days ago and the salesman who sold me it was off and what seemed to me the boss asked me if he had mentioned warranty. I told him that i had been told(as an example) if something like the gearbox dropp
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