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  1. Sweet!! Thanks for your replies. Feeling a little less stressed about this now. (oh and I wont sign it either, haha cheeky ba%$£$ds)
  2. THANKS!!!! Do I just send it to RED / or / Lowells or both? and is it just a case of sending to the address at the bottom of the letter the sent
  3. so would you send them a SB letter then with my new address (the one they now have, as i am on the electroll register for the first time in 6 years) Tell them that it is SB and then wait for them to say a payment has been made (which I know it hasnt, as I have been avoiding these since at least 2004/05) Thanks and could you possibly link to the letter for me as im new to this stuff L)
  4. So they can send letters to me if they like and spend lots of money doing so, but can't actually make me pay. So I can just ignore them they wont be able to take me to court/issue bailiffs for the debt? With it being bank charges / credit card is it still the same 6 years and basically tough **** to the debt company who bought the debt for nothing thanks for replying
  5. Hi again guys, Just wanted advice on these 2 bank debts please. Nationwide and Natwest Nationwide was a overdraft for £1,300 Natwest was a overdraft for £1,700 I received today 2 letters for each debt. 1 from Red, one from Lowells. I have checked my credit files and these were on there last year but have now dropped off my report. - Last payments to both were before 2006 What should I do with the letters? Thanks in advance
  6. Old address and not one that I can get access to. I have checked my Credit file and that is the only thing that is outstanding on it. Nothing else is on it apart from a catalouge and another credit card that are both upto date with payments etc
  7. Just taken a call from 01706 833 772 and asked to speak to me. Asked me to confirm my address and DOB ( which I didnt) so he said I needed to call them back when I wanted to tell them. I have recently looked on my credit file, and I only have one defualt on there for a credit card which is under £150 that needs paying. Just curious to know what they are chasing me for, he gave me the address that they have been sending letters to but would not tell me what for. Any ideas on what I should do please?
  8. Can someone please explain this to me in English ...... It's regarding home contents I don't get it "where the sum insured represents less than 60% of the value at risk we will obtain a full statement to establish how this has arisen. We may choose to reject the claim and regard your policy as invalid" I have home contents insurance all together with my insurance at £13,500 High risk Items at £1,500 Overall contents in the house is around £6k with £1,300 High risk included. I just need to know what that means in the policy book as I dont get it Thanks
  9. Would that be a complaint to the data controller for Cabot (who have put the 2nd default on) or GMAC who put the first on, that has now fallen off.
  10. Ive just come back to this as forgot that I have it open. I have not yet sent off a SAR, I am going to do this tomorrow. Would anyone have the address for GMAC that I need to send this to. Also the entry has now dropped off my credit report and have just done a new one with noddle and its not on. The only entry now on is the Cabot one. How DO I get these idiots to get this off my credit file as its showing a default (when this is now 'gone' with GMAC) and £4,000 as outstanding. Thanks
  11. I have just looked at my Equifax credit report to check on progress of defaults and noticed that 2 defaults have been put on for 1 debt. here is the run down Hire Purchase from Cabot Financial (Uk)ltd Name XX XXX XXXXX Date of Birth XX/XX/XXXX Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Defaulted Current Balance £ 5,662 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 5,497 Start Date 10/04/2003 Date Updated 28/07/2009 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied Default Date 24/01/2007 Payment History Hire Purchase from Gmac Uk Plc (I
  12. Ye them chasing pal. Sent me letter from Glasgow office on official paper
  13. Had a letter saying im in £1,970 of arrears and owe £2,100 altogether. took loan out approx 1997 whilst at uni not paid anything to them in approx 8 years and not sent deferment paperwork in the last 7 years to them where do I stand, and what action do i take
  14. Cheers Guys, I will look out for Brigs.. Or can someone point him here How do I challenge Cabot without 'disturbing' the debt. I have not heard from these guys for a while now and unsure if I do will I have to supply them anything
  15. So that would be October 2004... So take it that Jan 2005 is last activity this debt is now no longer enforceable so Cabot can do one?? How do I go about getting both removed from my credit file asap.
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