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  1. Just thought I would post this blog to give people a little glimmer of hope. I was initially trying to reclaim just over £4500 from Lloyds TSB. I asked them for a refund to which I received a bog standard, automated reply. The answer was a firm NO. I wrote again threatening to take them to court (sent via recorded delivery), if I did not get my money. I received no reply. I then sent a third letter and reduced my amount to £3500 as an offer settlement, again recorded delivery. I again mentioned I would persue this in the courts. No reply. I have since filed a case on the 'Moneyclaim' website which cost me £120. This was on the 19th June. I received a letter from a solicitor (30.06.07) acting on behalf of Lloyds stating that they have no admission of liability, however are willing to enter into settlement with me!!! I am currently liaising with the court on the next step, but just thought I would let others know then they are not put off by this process. It is daunting taking on the banks, BUT if I get my refund it is well worth it.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I thought as much. I've drafted a letter to the debt recovery company explaining the whole saga. I just hope this stops the letters/calls & threats to send bailiffs! I am terrified. I am on my own most evenings and dread a knock at the door. I will repay the overdraft money once all this is resolved, until then though I do not want to give in. I will wait til tomorrow then onto the moneyclaims webiste to log a small claims case. Should I write to Lloyds again telling them that this is what I am doing or simply log the claim then take it from there?
  3. Hi - I have only just registered and am new to the consumer action group. I am attempting to reclaim £4300 from Lloyds TSB over 3 accounts. I already have my account statements and have requested that they reimburse me this amount. I received a bog-standard, presumably automated letter back which basically says 'no you are not having your money back, it's tough poo!' They even offered to provide me with details of the financial ombudsman. I have now sent my 3rd letter giving them 14 days to reply and make me an offer or I am taking it to court. The 14 days is up tomorrow and still nothing. Since going through this process they have closed 1 of my accounts with no notice, I owe £500 overdraft on this account plus they are trying to reclaim another £670 pound in charges!! (can you believe it when I am fighting for them to return previous charges?) I have since received threatening letters from a debt collector claiming they are trying to recover this full amount on behalf of their clients (Lloyds) What should I do next? When should I start my court proceedings and should I inform the bank via another letter that this is my full intention? I am quite prepared to stand up for myself and fight this. I don't earn mega bucks and have struggled in the past with day to day living. I have contacted the bank in the past to request their assistance basically to be fobbed off. Can anyone provide me with the above answers, it would be much appreciated. Regards adnaloy
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