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  1. I have now had my 2nd car accident and totally sick of people on the road that DONT pay any attention on the road and I am now making my 2nd claim of whiplash due to idiots that dont know how to drive! I have suffered 2nd time around and when you suffer whiplash the symptons dont come on to the next day, when you have suffered whiplash you will know how all of us feel and at the end of the day you should of took more attention on being on the road you was the one at fault not the person in front so you are fully to blaime!
  2. Right been on the phone to Paul in litigation at barclays and he said I will have a letter from them with full offer and interest he was doing my letter as we spoke and he was waiting for accounts to authorize the letter to be sent does this finally mean they are gonna pay up. He reckons I will get it by this weekend. Barry
  3. Just to say taped conversations cant be used in court especially if you are not pre warned so you have no worries there
  4. Just to let you all know my bank have told me i am getting a letter by end of the week with full final settlement for £3200 so dont dispair they are still paying up before court
  5. I can tell you now as well if I should lose on 8th June I will defiantly be appealing and getting a solicitor to act on my behalf no matter what the costs
  6. Hi Bornagainthrifty This info a little dated as I have sent bundle off I was more looking for what to say to the judge ie when he starts questioning me this is what really worries me making sure I am quoting the right stuff etc please somebody help Barry
  7. Kev Just been reading another related article on BBC if you appeal the bank will still settle as if they lose in high court they will have to refund all customers so well worth taking up the offers of support and fighting on not just for yourself but for us all who have cases coming up after all no bank will go to court until your appeal is heard and settled. Barry p.s £20 here if a fund is set up
  8. Hiya All Everything done up to date and have a court date on the 8th June at Milton Keynes County Court, I am claiming £3200 from Barclays and they have defended with a standard defence however seeing todays story I am very worried. I know everyone is saying it is a one off but I would like to be as prepared as I can for the 8th so can somebody please give me some bullet points I can use when speaking to the judge? I noticed as well i got a court date without the need for a questionaire is this normal what does this mean when it says that the judge has dispensed of the need for a questionaire? Please help me as I have so far had no responses on other forums and this seems to be the best at guidence. Also if anyone would like to offer support on the day the case is at Milton Keynes let me know if you are near enough and available to come and show some support god knows I could do with it as I really don't want to get stuck for words when in front of a judge. Barry
  9. p.s anyone near Milton Keynes wanna show support on the 8th of June get in touch
  10. Hiya Kev Sorry to hear about your case but great to see your case is going to be bankrolled for you what good guys out there. Firstly can I say go for it if Martin Lewis and the likes wanna support you what have you got to lose. I am however very scared now as I am going to court with Barclays on the 8th of June in Milton Keynes and am very worried about how to present my case to the judge can anybody help me with what I should be saying in exact words to the judge and it would be really helpful Kev if you could send me details of what grilling questions you were asked so as myself and others can investigate what we should be responding with. So far on three sites nobody has been able to tell me how to present my case and what to say so hope this gets some attention as I have £3200 at stake and a £601 debt they are likly to chase me for should I lose. Good luck and let them have it both barrells. Barry
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