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  1. This isn't directly linked to their bank charges but I've been well and truly turned over by NatWest. They contacted me about increasing my overdraft, which after some discussion I agreed to. The agreement was the increased limt would reduce by a fixed amount each month until it was at the original limit. 8 days later they terminated the agreement and reduced my overdraft to its original limit without any warning. When I queried this I was told it was my fault because I had exceeded the increased limit contrary to the T&Cs. OK hands up I had due to bad timing - a cheque going out the day before I got paid and their excessive charge for this. Now this isn't in the T&Cs and wasn't explained in the phone call I received. In fact the T&Cs provide for the increased limit to be exceeded at their discretion and subject to the usual unarranged borrowing charges. They didn't appreciate my questions and threatened to close my account if I insisted on speaking with a manager. Turns out an overdraft is "repayable on demand" which in their view means they can call it in immediately when they want and don't have to give me any notice or time to make alternative arrangements. They even say they don't have to explain this - in their opinion it's "obvious" and "common sense". So much for treating customers fairly, The Banking Code and providing clear T&Cs in plain language. I've written to complain but I'm not holding my breath that they are remotely interested. Another example of a large financial institution having no care or concern for Joe Public and the effect their actions have on his sorry little existence.

  2. Hi, these links provide more info about the impact of the OFT test case.





    It is is important that you continue with your court proceedings. There is no blanket stay on court hearings. But you should be aware the solicitors for Natwest (Cobbets) will write to the court asking for a stay. It is also likely this will be granted pending the outcome of the test case. This has happened to me. My court hearing was today. On Monday Cobbets wrote to the Court Manager asking for a stay and one of their solicitors also turned up at the hearing. The District Judge said he had no option but to grant a stay and proceedings have been suspended until 01/04/08. Don't let this put you off - it just means a longer wait for a resolution. Let us hope the OFT win.

  3. Hi all, we have sent back the Part 18 to Cobbetts, recorded delivery, and have just received AQ from the Court. I have a quick question if anyone can help. Natwest "forced" my daughter to take out a loan to cover her overdraft which occurred because of the bank charges. They told her that if she did not take out a loan, they would take her to Court. The loan was with an APR of something in the region of 29.9!! I am not sure of the exact figures but the loan was for around 2,800 and she has already made payments in this amount. She seems to think that she will have to repay about 6,000? Anyway, can I ask the Court, along with the claim for repayment of charges, to order the bank to cancel the loan seeing as she has already paid the 2,800 of the original amount? It seems a bit unfair that if we get the full amount of charges refunded, 2,500, she will still have to pay back a further 3,000 on the loan anyway unless they cancel it. Any help please guys?

    Hi anjipl. I see you replied to Cobbetts Part 18 request for info. I have just received them. Are you able to help me with this or provide a copy of your reply (taking out any private info you don't want disclosed). I need help with (1) specify all facts to support "penalty charges are irrecoverable at Common Law" (2) specify all facts to support "charges are contrary to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Regulations 1999"

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