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  1. I managed to force NatWest and Lloyds TSB to ammend my credit report. Natwest took 6 months, Lloyds TSB 2 years. But the result is an increase of around 250 points on my credit score, and i'm up to my ears in credit offers. Sadly, the Information Commissioner BACKED both banks and treated me appaulingly. Only the start of court proceedings was enough to make them back down. I also managed to get Experian and Call Credit to remove address links, which i felt were unjustified. The mention of legal action was enough in both cases. Im now about to tackle the police on a DP matter. So if you don't hear from me again, they have locked me up for being cheeky lol.
  2. I don't think you can insist on it, and it is likely that they will use it to pay off your card first. However, Both Natwest and Lloyds paid me direct for my claims, as they were happy to keep me in debt to them.
  3. So if an unisured motor car/cycle is hit by an insured driver, are we saying that the uninsured driver, who should not have been on the road in the first place, can still claim against the insured drivers insurance, even if they are subsequently being prosecuted for not being insured themselves?
  4. What problems are you refering to. I am using my Credit Expert without problem, and i have taken the opportunity to clean up my credit file, so far adding 150 points to my score. I accepted it as partial settlement, so if anyone does have any joy with compo, i am still able to claim.
  5. The Halifax have refused my claim for PPI to be refunded. Do they have to prove that it was dealt with correctly, and will a data protection request forcing them to provide this proof? Also, since i have been in contatc with the bank, the 6 years have passed. Will the FOS still accept it?
  6. Glad to hear you got the cash, you certainly deserved it. My friends cheque as also arrived today, after 3 months of farce by Bow county court. I had another victory against NatWest today after i threatened court action. A couple of weeks ago they removed my default, and today they refunded £11.90 that disappeared from my account when it was closed. Not a lot of money, but it was the principle. I got the confidence from this site and MSE. I would never have threatened court action before, but i know that its the only language the big banks understand. Good look with your other fights, and enjoy spending the cash, which i am sure comes in handy at this time of year.
  7. I wouldn't be inspired either. At the end of my email, they added:- If the payment has not arrived in Monday's post then you will have to contact the local court or the defendant to see if it has been returned.
  8. This is what MCOL have to say about my friends money. Thank you for your e-mail. I contacted Bow County Court who confirmed that the payment the Bailiffs received was sent to you on 1st November 2007. Something stinks about all this!!
  9. I bet Loans.co.uk are pleased that the government as today admitted losing 25 million child benefit details. They are less likely to get criticised by any government department now.
  10. I have been ignored by Bow for 3 months, and emails to MCOL are just passed back to Bow. They have just sent a letter, saying they have so far been unable to gain entry to barclays. The same day, they told MCOL my claim was settled. What a complete set of useless muppits, This claim is for my friend, who really needs the money. I was refused judgement by MCOL, and Barclaycard paid me weeks ago, as a gesture of goodwill. The only people struggling to get their money, now that barclaycard are settling all claims, are the ones waiting for Bow bailiffs to get off their rears.
  11. I wish you luck. Natwest finally backed down and removed my default after i followed the guide on the internet to the letter. Today my credit score rose by 150 points. Hope you get the same result.
  12. Yes. I never had a loan with them , so must have phoned them at some point for a quote.
  13. MBNA are the only company to ever turn me down for a credit card. So it would be nice to get some payback
  14. Ive been harrassing Bow court, and bailiffs, aswell as MCOL, after they ignored my friends warrant. In my last email I put "Rumours that your bailiffs are scared of Barclays have filled me with disbelief". I thought this might give them a kick up the butt. You know what their ego's are like. Within days, it showed as paid on MCOL, so hopefully my friends money is on its way too.
  15. Natwest have renaged on their promise to remove my default, so i looks like i have a fight on too. They don't care what affect mis-information has on peoples lives.
  16. Why would the banks want them lifting? I kept an eye on business accounts after the OFT action, and they were all being stayed. I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise, and the FOS and money claim both say the cannot process claims. So what have i missed?
  17. Since when? Ive got 3 claims to file, but could not see the point.
  18. A bit late for me - all my bank accounts have appeared on my credit report recently without my permission. Most of it is incorrect (including a default). It has become a full-time job, fighting for it to be corrected, as the 3 credit reference agencies won't do it, unless the banks agree.
  19. Judge Hawksworth QC at Halifax County Court still insists that credit card cases be stayed. Any applictation to have it removed will be rejected on the grounds that bank charges and credit card charges are similar.
  20. I have asked the FOS to award me £200 from Lloyds TSB for none compliance. If not, i will file with MCOL.
  21. Barclays have told me that the hardship rule is being misrepresented by the media. The rule does not oblige banks to deal with your case, but merely requests that they give you financial advice. Barclays do this in the form of a booklet. This is certainly not what consumers were lead to believe. We were clearly told that the waiver would not be applied in cases of hardship. Looks like we've been mislead.
  22. Court is the last resort, as the judgement of the court is final. Information Commissioner, FOS, then court. Of course, if you are wanting a quicker resolution, then you can skip any of these stages, but you may not get the outcome you want.
  23. Thanks to you both. That looks much better. I cannot believe they paid out on a case that was stayed, but over the moon. Another set of bills paid off, and looking forward to a day out tomorrow with the rest. Of course, a donation to the site will be made first.
  24. Received all money today. I would recommend the Barclays litigation team to anyone stuck with their case. They have obviously decided to clear some of their workload by paying up.
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