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  1. I'm in, these Cowboys as mortgage administrators and have no power to leverage costs against you unless within the sales agreements of 2007 when SPLML and PML sold your mortgages to the Issuer and Trustees confered rights on them to do so, I have these sale agreements given to me by Lightfoot Solictors I'm happy to help anyone
  2. ALL THE PEOPLE SUCH AS BHALL AND THE REST OF THE POSTERS ON THE SITE THAT HELPED AND OFFERED INFORMATION TO DEEDS BEING VOID THREAD PLEASE SEE http://self-realisation.com/equity/banksterbusters/summary-judgment-mortgage-deed-declared-void-in-the-high-court/ :smile:
  3. Nope no retraction and when this is done and dusted I will report to you all frank and honest, so what will be will be and you wont have to wait too long will you acccording to BEN -- Ben I will see you soon no doubt.
  4. Dear All, I think it's quite apparent why we havent been on this site to tell you what has been going on as we dont have to as Ben who either works for the property chamber or one of these devious and under handed lenders ? who we all know dont own our mortgages anymore as they have been paid in full yet keep their names on our deeds, ask Ben he wiil know everything you want to.
  5. I haven't seen any disruptive or abusive posts on this thread. I thought this CAG was suppose to help.I was under the impression it was an action group with freedom is speech?
  6. Can someone please tell me why Apple and IS IT ME are having a rest and why you are editing posts.
  7. Good evening IS IT ME I have the document sent by the mortgage administrator. And I have now sent letter to lender requesting all above, sale agreement I have now from the original solicitors who transacted the deal their file also
  8. I can send to you, let me know your old lender reference and I will look it up as well :-:
  9. Is it me and pj just a mention here I found my mortgage actually on the securitisation document actually listed on the old lender number as sold
  10. God evening all. I have posted the petition on face book and linked in not real a twitter person but a friend has over2,000 followers so will ask them tomorrow . I have forwarded to Channel 4 and BBC so will let you know if I get a response. onwards And upwards on this
  11. Apple hi, Give me a day I am in work tomorrow so will ask the IT team and my contacts to get posted up on various sites Iam going to contact all the TV stations as well
  12. Yes along day LOl. Glad the Lamb stuff is now uploaded thanks for doing this. Tomorrow I write up in full or post my deed.. I think on will have a similar one to me:lol:
  13. I've had a better day off now after the court I was so nervous. Glad you've got the Lamb transcript it's a lengthy 17 pages. I have spoken with the Property Chamber and I have to send them details of my stay plus they gave me a direct dial number for lady who sent me the Lamb transcript and letter so I can ask her why it came to me and for what purpose. I want to thank you, Apple and pj for help and support. I will DSAR the lender this week at their registered office at PWC , I has also requested a full file copy from the solicitors who acted for both parties in the mortgage in 2007, they have said they will have this. I also have a letter from HMLR as I requested that they notify me of any changes to the LR on my title in case the try and add something.
  14. Ok I have sent the Lamb to site member over an hour or so ago , also sent to someone else if the wish to post up that's fine.
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