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  1. Hello all, as i said I'm new to the C.A.G I am going after the money NatWest has been fleasing form me since i started my advantage gold account. I had been considering starting the ball rolling for a few months, only about 10 days ago I did I am a busy chapie and have been paying 'penaty fees' since at least 2003 i mean they even charged me £35 for making a £1 payment that had been processed on the same day but after they applyed there own charges that put me over my overdraft had they made the £1 payment before then they would have found more than enough to cover that and the monthly fee but the sequence they applyed them gets them even more interest and penatly fees and so on. thankfully the muppets show all of this on the statements:p . I am not well versed in countulating interest and over so many years also the Natwest A.G.C charges changed so many times over the past few years and I am also slighly dyslexic (as you can probaly tell) so am worried about how I would 'handle' this i dont like writing as I missspell words miss whole words sentecices and use the wrong words to get it over and done with, and so am considering apointing a specialist firm, to prep and do the work for me and having seen todays news loyds bank favorable district court judgment I think am heading in the correct direction the firm i'm considering is a sub of a legal practice and charge a favorable 10% all the way. oh the name of the firm is (REMOVED) no has anyone here had any dealings personal experiance with them i sure would appreciate any info. I would like to thank all for the wealth of knowalge and intelegence I have up to now found on this site and would like to offer any assistace I can also i would appreciate any opinoin and help i can get. As i said wantever i can do to help i would be glad to do so well, save for large fiscal donations as I'm not very fulsh but once i get my money I will be making a donation by way of a thanks and to help those that are in a tighter spot than myself. many thanks in advance and all the best Fidz
  2. Hello all I have been doing a little research on all this as i have been paying 'fees' fro the last well a very long time at least since 2003 and have decided to start the ball rolling and am taking action now, i have been reading this thread all day as I'm new to all this and saw what seemed to be a not so good news report for us on the bbc only in a loyds case and from what i gather which is not so clear as yet or much as am still reading what has been released 1st the judgment was a district judgement, niether party was present and from what i read in the other threads it seems as though the caiment as are we all did not repesent the case properly so i hope the banks don't take this as an oppertunity to create even more delays any of us don't fold our cards early because of that manure type judgment so stay strong and lets stick to our guns
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