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  1. Me again. I would appreciate some gentle guidance on this and how to go forward... I did send SAR request to both Student Loans and Erudio in April. I have now received a reply from Erudio. Some 4 packages. Pack 1 screenshots from account and glossary of terms. Pack 2 coppies of outbound correspondence relating to account Pack 3 in bound correspondence Pack 4 copies of annual statements and remediation pack. Lots of paperwork that is quite overwhelming. Im at a loss what to do, what im looking for or what to do next. Where do I find the current earning threshold for my loans? I was talking to a colleague at work who said hers is 16k but Im sure thats less than I have previously seen on SLC deferment info. My current levels of anxiety relating to this are making it very hard to get my head around. So any advice or guidance would be great, in the most simple terms possible please.
  2. Thanks for your reply Unclebulgaria67. my last post was filling in the blanks for the above question. My FA is no longer trading under his own name. He has gone to work for a company. Where would I sent the SAR request to?
  3. Thanks for the reply. For a period this was dealt with by CAB and they suggested the £1 payment. If my loan has been deferred because Im not earning over the threshold can they still apply arrears to the account, say for example because I havent completed one of the deferment forms? If I can provide work history for the full period that shows I have been under the threshold should the arrears be applied? Or is that when you can pay but just dont?
  4. The FA knew my whole circumstances at the time as I had recently taken out a mortgage with him. He continued to phone me to tell me how important it was that I took out this policy now that I was on my own and what would the kids do if I took ill - despite me not having a job!! As soon as I managed to find a temp job I made this policy a priority which now seems so stupid, but Id been scared into it. He had told me that this was more expensive because it didnt decrease over the term and my kids would need £ as well as somewhere to live if I was no longer here. Ive recently found that Im paying through the nose for something I could get at a quarter of the cost. I trusted him to give me good advice esp in my circumstances at the time. On reflection it seems that he took advantage of the situation I found myself in.
  5. Thanks for the reply DX100uk Im not really sure about the arrears. Ive only been getting annual statements from them and not letters of this nature. Should they still be pursuing me for a 1990 loan as its over 25 years? Once I reach 50 can they still pursue me for this debt? Are the arrears considered to be a separate debt to the original loan? Whats my best course of action today? They want contact within 14 days. I dont earn over the threshold. Can I send copies of my payslips and a covering letter to defer as I see your advice is to not complete their deferrment form.
  6. Thank you for the reply DX. Please can you point me in the best direction to do this. I did try to recliam my PPI (using a company) but all came back with no PPI paid. Would I only be able to claim back for 6years of the premium paid or will I be able to get all my payments back? Heartened at the prospect of being able to reclaim, but still feel let down by trusting someones advice I paid for.
  7. When I purchased my house I used the services of a financial advisor who also sold me health insurance policy to cover the mortgage at that time. Recently on speaking to a colleague at work, she has the same cover for a quarter of the price I am currently paying. I feel like Ive been pressured by the FA to take out a policy that was far more expensive than I needed to be paying. Is it possible to get my premiums refunded for this, or do I have to forfeit them if I cancel it and move to a cheaper product? Feeling really let down by someone I thought was giving me sound advice.
  8. Thanks for the reply dx100uk. I last deferred in 2014. In 2009 I was advised by CAB to make a nominal payment of £1 per month on each of my loans (I also have a 1996/97 loan) because I was without any form of income. This was set up as a standing order and paid to SLC. I have continued pay this amount since then. Ive realised that Im still paying for the 1990 loan which is over the 25years as stated in the T&Cs . Have I further complicated this by making the payments?
  9. Please can you advise. Ive read through the other threads and the Erudio Sticky on here before posting. I can see DX has referred to more recent Erudio tactics in a post in March, but cant see the details of what they might be. I took out my original loan in 1990 and have another from 1996. I received a letter today from Erudio stating that they have recently sent me Notice of Sums in Arrears or I may have historical NoSiAs for arrears that fell due. They want me to contact within 14 days and if I fail to do so it could lead to steps to default my account. I dont earn over the threshold. I never have. I deferred my loan with SLC. Since Erudio bought them I havent completed a deferment form. I will be 50 this year. I cant help wonder if this is a push to gain payment before that date. What should I do. Can I send copies of my wage slips - most people seem to mention sending bank statements in other threads. Should I write in response to this or is it a standard letter? If I do reach the ripe old age of 50. Will I still owe the arrears as a separate debt or should they also be written off with the original loan amounts? Thanks in advance for your advice on this.
  10. Please can anyone advise me on Council Tax single person discount. I'm living with my 2 children. My eldest moved out Sept 2015. In Sept this year the council started taking 50% increase on the amount Ive been paying. They had an old letter that stated my eldest child was on a college course until Aug 16 (when in fact she had moved out a year prior to this). I notified the council that she wasn't living here and not to take another inflated payment from my account as I wasn't in a position to cover this. Initially I got a reply within 3 days to advise about the letter being the reason they had increased the amount taken. I replied, all done by email to state that categorically I was the only adult living at the house and needed single person discount applying. Then one evening during a particularly manic tea time, a woman called at the door, I was in the middle of taking a phone call at the time. She waved a paper under my nose and asked if the electoral listing was correct. I said no, my daughter wasn't living here she was at University and living in another city. The woman said it was ok, this was just for the purposes of a vote, did I want her to have one? I said I did. I emailed the council and told them about this and clarified that she didn't live here and asked again for them not to take another payment. I heard nothing from them for 26 days (they state a reply within 28) which seemed odd since all my previous emails had been replied to within a week. This also meant that another payment had then been taken. Ive had a reply to say that while my daughter is at university she is deemed to live with me and I needed to provide a certificate to say what course she was on and the dates. Is this regular? She doesn't live here. She doesn't live in student accommodation, she has her own housing contract and she very definitely doesn't live here. I wanted to challenge this but TBH in order to resolve it quickly and prevent further payments being taken I asked her to get a certificate and sent it off. I have now received another letter so say that this isn't the correct certificate (even though its an official notification from the uni with the course dates which is what I was told I needed). This all feels like a total runaround. I'm not sure what I should do, I shouldn't have to provide my local council with info about her, shes an adult living her own life in a different city. Thanks in advance for reading.
  11. I contacted CSA approx. 18mths ago to request a recalculation of my ex income. (I had previously been told by them that I had to wait 12 months before requesting a recalculation) This time I was advised by their staff to request it at a different time of year. Today I requested a recalculation because its 4years since the last one was done and he is obviously underpaying me, but may not have been so careful in covering his tracks as he was 4 years ago. I was told today that they would not do a recalculation just because I had requested it. I had to provide evidence that his salary had increased or get a letter from someone else who works for the same company. If he was honest enough to declare it we wouldn't have had to resort to the CSA in the first place. Can anyone advise on what I can do next? The guy on phone said that there is no legislation to enforce this, go see your MP! Ex is a company director, he has payments taken at source because of the games he has played in declaring his income in the past. Its all dealt with by the co accountant.
  12. Hi, the company has rejected my monthly payment, I got the bank to reinstate the SO. Same thing happened the next month too. This time I didnt ask the bank to set it up again. Does anyone know if this is the usual way for them to behave? If they do this for 3 months and reject the payment, can they then claim that I have done nothing to reduce the debt? Is this the start of them vigorously pursuing me, since they have been quiet for so long................? Anyone any ideas?
  13. My child was sent a cheque for Christmas for £100. Sent it to the Building Society where she has her Child Trust Fund (her only account). I received a letter to say it was received and would be credited to her account. This week I have received a letter stating that the cheque has been returned by our bankers as 'Refer to Drawer'. This amount has now been debited to your account and returning the cheque for your reference. Then to add insult to injury...... The letter continues that there will also be a charge for this returned cheque of £30, please forward this remittance to the society in due course. Can anyone please advise what I should do about this? I do not see why my six year old should lose funds from her account because of someone else's actions. Can they do this? Thanks
  14. Further to my previous questions. Last month the company rejected my bank payment of £1. This is the first time that this has happened since it was set up, about 4 years ago. I dont want to ring them to ask why. Since they returned the payment to me, my bank cancelled the SO. Ive asked the bank to reinstate the payment for this month. Im wondering is this is the beginning of them taking a more hard line on this? Does anyone know if this is a typical way for them to behave in returning payments. Can they start to claim that Im not doing anything about the debt without a credit to the account (even though they have returned it). Any advice on this please?
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