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  1. Hi All,

    I desperately need advice.


    I recently had a CCJ for £2,700 awarded against me for unpaid rent on a small workshop I rented from a private landlord. The amount was for the period I vacated the premises (paid upto date) and when he finally re-let the premises. knowing I had gone to work in Holland to get myself out of debt, this weathy vindictive man took me to court and was awarded what he asked for in my absence.


    When I returned I immediately asked for the CCJ to be set aside and was informed that the case had been transferred by his solicitors to the high court (4 days after the CCJ)?


    I have now had a bailif call threatening my wife, the debt has increased to £3200 and he tells me that I will be paying £16.00 per month interest . I have explained my situation and offered £50 per month which he has refused and has said that unless I pay £100 per month plus the monthly interest charge for the duration of the repayment period he will apply for a bankruptcy order and declare me bankrupt


    Can anyone please advise what I should do as I'm not sleeping with the worry as my wife and two small sons are at home whilst I'm working away


    Thank you for any advice you can give



  2. Hi everyone,

    After spending months reading alll the informative threads I decided to join as I have unfortunately just had a bailife at my door.


    I'll post up a topic in the relevant section and hope someone can advise as I'm being cornered with their nasty tactics

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