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  1. Hey.....a day later, just had a look in my account to find 2 cash amounts were deposited yesterday. One for the charges-in full, and one for the interest and court fee-in full!!!!! Another one bites the dust . Thanks all and good luck:)
  2. Hello all, a quick question for the forum please. I have filled against Halifax using MCOL. They have acknowleged. Do I count the 28 days they have to enter defence from the date of Notice of Issue or from when they achkowleged? Thanks all.
  3. Just got the full £5915 transfered into my account yesterday, only 4 days after sending acceptance letter. Keep going everyone....it works!!!
  4. Well, thew wife said it's my call. So today I've decided to accept the offer and stop MCOL. Good stuff, that's £5915.00 returned to me. Thanks everyone.
  5. It is yes, I should maybe talk to my wife when she gets in from work, a womans perspective is always right.
  6. Thanks for your replies. Tough call eh?! The interest would be about £1800 on top of the £5900 they offered me today.
  7. Hi all, advice please. Just received offer for full amount minus interest from Natwest. Letter was dated one day before I started MCOL, yet it turned up today, 8 days in the post?????? As i have started MCOL but they havn't acknowledged yet, should I stick it out and hope i get a settlement plus the interest, or accept their offer?
  8. Hello peeps. Wondered if someone might be able to answer my simple question? I have followed the procedure of letters up to the point where i started MCOL last week. The date of Issue was the 31/5/07. Does the 14 days that NatWest has to reply include weekends or is it deemed as "working days" only? i.e. is the 14 days up on the 20/6 or 14/6? Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone. Just joined CAG today, having a good look around...... Looks like I'll be taking Natwest through MCOL v.soon so the posts on here look very helpful. Already got £2700.00 back from First Direct via MoneySavingExpert site. Waiting on Halifax and MBNA to get their acts together!! Natwest don't seem to want to rpely to my letters......it's funny how it's so different when you want a loan!! Catch you soon.
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