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  1. Since beginning my claim in early April, I have been offered a settlement of 60% of my claim, which I declined and have now recieved an allocation date of August 10th in Horsham County Court. Will this still be going ahead? I have heard all the stories about having to wait until this 'new ruling', but would like to know where I stand now? Can anyone help?

  2. I am currently trying to reclaim £1745.58 from Abbey and seem to have come to a dead end. In their last piece of correspondance the bak offered a goodwill payment of 65% of the total claim, which I rejected. This all happened over 10 days ago and haven't heard anything since. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do now? Please help me!

  3. I started my claim against the Nationwide in Feb. 2007 and they paid £2,561 into my ac, on May 11th. In the letter they sent to me they have said that they won`t refund charges from Jan 2001 to May 2001 because `it is barred by virtue of the provision of the limitations act 1980`. Has anyone else heard of this? the court has asked me to give them details of all charges applied to my account and also a statement saying why i`m claiming a part of the charges. I`ve done this and I`m b***** annoyed that nationwide have changed the timescale as it seems like they`re trying to get out of paying me another £461 that they owe me. Should i just give up and cut my losses or soldier on ?

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