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  1. Hi guys, could you tell me if business customers can go ahead and claim bank charges please:roll:
  2. Hi guys, can anyone tell me is it worth pursuing business claims, i have asked the courts to uplift the stay based on hardship?? any advice would be great
  3. Hi everyone, i have 5 business claims to make, i have sent proof of my hardship by the CCCs, but they dont seem interested. Can anyone tell me if business claims are succeeding??
  4. Hi i just wrote to Barclays and actually got a letter from the CCCS to say i was under hardship, but they replied back saying they can give me counselling but no refund, any one help?
  5. Hi guys do you think it is worthwhile complaining to the FSA about business bank charges in the hope of getting my charges back?
  6. what if you have a business claim on hold but are going through extreme financial difficulty?? can anything be done?
  7. Hi i had a case stayed at court and was told to fill in a n224, could anyone give me a template letter for a hsbc claim please:confused:
  8. kashfat


    Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could give a template to letter to fill in on a N224 form on the grounds of severe hardship? any help would be great:confused:
  9. Hi guys, can anyone give a template letter based on a stay to be lifted under hardship cases, any help would great.
  10. just wana say thanks for that info, im gunna do session this weekend and get my n244 off, hopefully the judge will budge.
  11. Hi guys, just wondering if someone could help me putting a letter together for a n244 just to ask the judge to lift a stay on a business account
  12. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could help by telling me what to put on on a n244 to ask the judge to remove the stay for a business account?
  13. Thanks, i had a look on that, but the thing is i had got to the stage where bailliffs had actually gone in and its at that point, the banks applied for a stay. Its now id like to write to the judge and say business accounts need not be put on hold, (if im right),
  14. Hi im trying to put a letter together for the courts to ask for my stay to be lifted for a small business account to be lifted, can anyone help or if there is a template available??
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