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  1. I've recently applied for a morgage only to find that an unexplained debt has appeared on my otherwise unblemished credit report.It appears to be from a catalouge company in 2001 ( I have an account currently with this company btw which is in good order). The debt appears in my name with only my first initial and my previous surname but with a different date of birth!! Thinking back around the time this debt was supposed to be (2001) I recieved a letter from a company asking me to contact them. I had just moved into a new property. I did so and they explained that I owed money to them (£67.00)
  2. Have a look at this site. I hope you find it helpfull Debt Factsheets - Liability for Debts and the Limitation Act
  3. I recently received a letter from Mackenzie Hall stating that I owed £800 and if I payed the debt off by the end of May I only had to pay £500! I rang the number on the letter and asked what the debt related to. Apparently it was a debt which was 12 years old and not even mine:o . They suggested to me that I could report it to the police as credit fraud and then they could write it off!! Unbelievable eh? Of course I have not taken thier advise and instead I've written them a very colourful letter which I intend to post tommorow. Have a look at the following helpsite Debt Factsheets - Liability
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