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  1. I doubt it. Unless you had asked for specific facilities in your room and had them confirmed by the hotel (ie disabled access) then they were fulfilling their side of the bargain by giving you 3 rooms as you had booked and requested. I would have expected the hotel to do something to help, ie try to move your rooms to more suitable ones, but they are under no obligation to refund you in my opinion.
  2. Hi everyone Sorry for the delay. I have not resigned as such, but I did say that at the moment I would be looking for a part time role. However, he has now written to me confirming that I can either return to my previous role on a full time basis, or he has offered me a very different part time role on a salary 1/3 less than I was on previously. I have now put in a formal request to return to my previous role part time. However, there is a twist to this that has just occured to me. Previous to my maternity role there were 2 of us in the department concerned. When I went on maternity leave they informed me that they would not be replacing me and that my colleague (who was on a temporary contract) was put on maternity cover for my role. So there is now only 1 person in the department. If I return it will be only me in the department, which is why he has said that I can't return part time. I have said to him that I believe there is a need for 2 people in the dept, 1 full time, 1 part time and that is part of my request. However, could it be argued that if I was to return to my previous role full time it would be on 'less favourable terms' as it is now a department of 1, not 2, so the role has changed since I was there. There is no people management responsibility, which I used to have, and the stress and work load would obviously be higher as I would be doing what used to be 2 peoples jobs. What do you think? ps, I have been there nearly 3 years (1 of which on maternity).
  3. Hi all I'm currently off on additional maternity leave. I had a meeting with my boss 4 weeks ago in which we discussed my return to work. He offered me my old job but I had already stated that I am looking for a part time position, and this is not possible with my previous role. In this meeting we discussed 2 different part time positions that would be a possibilty for me. I said that I would be interested in one of them and followed up with an email the following day to confirm my interest in taking up this role. He said he would write to me with an official offer the following week. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but 2 weeks later when I hadn't heard anything I chased him up, stating that I needed to confirm nursery places etc and needed the offer letter. He replied saying he was looking into the feasibilities of the role etc and would get back to me. (He had 2 weeks prior to our meeting to look into this, as when we arranged the meeting I told him what days etc I was looking for). Now, we are 2 1/2 weeks before I am due to go back, I have just chased him again and he told me that he has been reviewing budgets/headcounts etc in light of the current situation before finalising anything and he will call me this afternoon. Now, I am fairly sure he is going to tell me he doesn't have a position for me now, having messed me around for 6 weeks now thinking I will have a job to go back to. I know that as I have turned down my old job he is under no obligation to offer me a different position, but do you think I am within my rights to ask for my notice period to be fully paid? I am on a 3 month notice period. Are there any other implications I should be aware of? Sorry, its turned out a bit long but I really need to know where I stand before I speak to him this afternoon. Thanks
  4. Hi Hammer Just to let you know you have posted this under successes so you may struggle to get answers over here. Best to ask a mod to move it over to the main Abbey forum or repost it there. Anyway, your first port of call is the faq here http://http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/ These are a good starting point. Then have a look through other threads under abbey and halifax and get tips from other peoples cases, and start your own thread called hammer1970 v abbey in the main abbey section where you can keep people updated and ask questions if you get stuck. The process is fairly straightforward if you use this site, but just make sure you read and understand each step thouroughly before you start and you'll be fine. Good luck!
  5. Hi Walkera First of all to let you know you are in the successes board, so you may struggle to get responses over here. Best to ask a mod to move it over to the main abbey forum or start a new thread over here. The letter looks like a standard fobbing off letter from Abbey, I wouldn't worry about it too much, just carry on as you were with your timeline and LBA or MCOL, depending on which stage you are at. Good luck!
  6. In that case I'd give the court a ring. They are usually very helpful.
  7. Did you file online or in person? Don't worry, they are completely swamped and really struggle to keep to deadlines. You can apply for judgement by default if they don't reply in time. They will probably appeal against this and send through their defense, but at least it will give them a kick up the bum.
  8. Hi Leonie I personally would go on to letters at this stage. However, what I did is typed up the letters and emailed them as well as putting them in the post. Good luck!
  9. Hi Futie30 Your best bet would be to send a subject access request letter. They have to comply with this so its the most reliable way of getting the statements through within 40 days. See the templates thread for the letter. Good luck!
  10. Just to update, got my cheque sent through last week Wednesday and emailed and posted a letter and spreadsheet to them asking for wasted costs. I've given them 7 days to pay up or a wasted costs order will be going to the courts.
  11. I'm afraid Cahoot aren't known for settling quickly! They are part of Abbey, and from now on all your communication will be with Abbey. I think I'm one of the lucky ones, they offered me full settlement 2 days after I submitted the court bundle. In most cases they seem to wait until the day before they are due in court, but they may be speeding up a bit now. Good luck and keep at it, you'll get your money in the end.
  12. I won!!!!!! Just received a letter from Abbey with a full settlement offer, including interest. They said they will raise a cheque and send to me. Can't quite believe how quickly they have done this. I only sent the bundle to them on Wednesday, so they must have received it on Thursday and sent the letter the same day, with the post office strike yesterday. Obviously got to wait to get the cheque in my grubby mitts but, looks like the fight is over. Woo hoo!!!! Not sure how to change the title of the thread or move it to wins, can a mod do this?? Everyone who's still going, keep at it. Looks like they might be starting to get themselves more organised now and settling a bit earlier.
  13. Don't panic. If you really can't find them, send another SAR to cahoot to get them sent again. There's plenty of time, they have a max of 40 days to comply and from my experience it was 2 months between sending in AQ and getting a court date, and then I had another 2-3 weeks before I had to submit the bundle. Don't accept the offer now, you've got so far you might as well keep going.
  14. Thank you for your help. I submitted the bundle on Wednesday, now its just playing the waiting game. Abbey are due to submit their's on the 4th july, I presume they won't bother, or do they submit them even though they have no intention of going to court? If they don't submit it, does the case get thrown out and I win by default?
  15. Help!!! I am putting together my court bundle - very last minute but I have been away and it is due in tomorrow. Am I right in thinking that all I need is the stuff in Bookworms basic bundle plus all letters to and from Cahoot, interest spreadsheet and statements. Should I put anything else in? Do I need to find terms and conditions? Please help me, I'm panicing now!!! Also, I have a letter that I sent to Cahoot in response to their 'without prejudice' offer. Can I include this as it references a letter which was 'without prejudice'.
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