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  1. exactly its the DSAR, internal stuff which always hangs em!!!
  2. Hi there, I believe i have read somewhere that the banks in recognising the hardship wont automatically be refunding the charges now like they were just after the court ruling, as the investigation and ruling went in favour of the banks and in helping hardship they will probably just assist you in arranging a payment plan that suits your finances.. this said there may be a refund to your account..you wont know until you try... i put a hardship claim in which looked as if i had money left over..so it was refused. I believe they have a 21 day turnaround...send special deli
  3. Hi Junior232, My advice having experience of sending a hardship claim to natwest is to ensure that you expenditure EXCEEDS your income. If you show Natwest that you have income left over...in their eyes you are not in hardship and they will reject your claim. They usually send you an income and expenditure sheet. Is your account with credit management services??? is it still an open account???
  4. Hi there, i had this experience about 2-3 years ago.. i requested my dsar to discover that welcome had closed accounts and reopened them without any corresponding agreement or other paperwork..i ended up reporting the matter to the police as fraud as over £82,.000 had been put through one account.. As a result i had the loan of £2500 written off and £800 in compo.. i would suggest you wait until your paper work comes through. It is also always useful to request all internal notes held about your accounts also as these are often where the evidence you need to nail em is put. In my ca
  5. they probably did you a favour not paying you out mate on thursday, coz if you can put £80 in the machine..you would have only put the £300 in after..those machines eat cash and are for mugs..the bookies know this..the clues in the title "FIX"ed odds. only saying probably what others are thinking..i understand coz i had a severe gambling addiction which needed rehab!! ask yourself why you needed to put so much cash in the machine?
  6. Get in touch with credit management and ask for a settlement figure...i did and i owed £32K which a settlement within 30 days brought it down to £22K..it wouldmean a payout of anything recieved back over £22k my claim is for £25k so £3k back!!!!! they will confirm in writing the offer!!
  7. before you consider paying any of your debts..especially welcome then i would CCA all creditors cost £1 to get a copy of the agreement!! 2nd dSAR all of the creditors cost £10 each... to gain an insight of their conduct and all the info they hold on you which includes notes and statements.. Then check the enforcability!!! the contract checker that is attatched on many threads state that welcome contracts are unenforcable due to elements which include fees added onto loans etc!!! welcome subscribe to the FLA (finance leasing ass) and part of their code of conduct is to work with you s
  8. Oh i thought it was an fsa member of staff...but i suppose thats another thread for another day!!!!!!!
  9. I have had dealings with welcome & mr orill last year..my complaint dealt with fraudulent addition of ppi when i left the office, (£900,000 added transaction on my account and pages of additions and deductions leaving account£82,000 in credit, 2 new accounts opened without my knowledge and also these disbursal fees... It was agreed that my debt of £2500 was written off and also £265 costs were given and the matter would be closed. guess what in nov07 they sold it to hfo (hard hitting dca). so breached our agreement of may. I spoke to mr orrible and he said it was in error and slammed
  10. It is easy to say that but robinson way hound you and abuse you!! I told them the old bolony about breaches of this and breaches of that and was told to shut up!!! and pay!! i stood my ground and logged their conduct which went on for a year and reported them to the ccs who look over them!! i made it clear to robinson way that it was morals at stake here because legally they couldnt do nothing and that was exactly what they were getting. After an intence phonechat i was told that the debt would not be sold or pursued anylonger!! so since no letters nothing!! you see it is easy to say you
  11. report their conduct to the ccs as robinson way play to their rules.. within 2 weeks i was told the collection of the debt had ceased forever!! result
  12. I have had a letter from thre csa yesterday they are not pursuing rob way although it is clear they have breached all their guidelines and they are closing my complaint!! well thats what they think!!! the lady i spoke to before was rude and unsympathetic not very impartial!! and seemed to be on rob ways side!! but still it shook rob way up enough to drop the account!!!
  13. The answer is sitting at the top of your letter!! contact the csa who look over rob way!! they will send you the guidelines that they have to adhere to!! rob way wouldnt listern and continually harassed me so i reported them!! i got a final responce filled with lies and when i contacted rob way offering them the oportunity to come to an arrangement based on withdrawing my complaint i was told the debt has been written off and no further communication on my debt £2600 would ever be recieved!!!! happy ending.. for you because as soon as they know you are going to the csa they will cack them
  14. the way i have dealt with my debts are to dsar them and cca them and on the basis of this tell them straight that their conduct ammounts to harassment as you are not paying them a penny and so continued contact on this basis is continued harassment. Find out who governs them eg robinson way (csa) and report them. they immediately put a block and have ceased collection forever on my debt of £2600 from next after next clearly stated in writing that the debt was unenforcable and worthless!!! considering that rob way have continually threatened and called trying to get money....... what a waste of
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