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  1. UPDATE - phoned NatWest, manager of the branch in next town was going to look into this, she phoned next day and was going to phone my son. Nothing heard, chased her up, the same woman I spoke to, phoned my son and denied having any knowledge of the whole saga?. I'm going to keep mithering till I get some answers?
  2. anyway, thank you for all your replies x
  3. He bought the house for £30,000.00 with his 2nd wife, they split and she signed it over to him 1995, we remortgaged in joint names 1999, he was paying|£188.00 per month then, until the payments started to get into arrears, which he didn't tell me about. From Aug 2010 - Jun 2018 I have paid £66,800.00 for all mortgage payments and all utilities plus new windows ( have all the statements), The mortgage inludes 2 x remortgages - 1 to clear his business overdraft and arrears on mortgage and his credit cards and 1 to pay the Inland Revenue for his business. He hasn't paid any
  4. thank you all for your replies, its much appreciated x
  5. hiya, Ive said for 2 years that the figure was unreasonable as Ive paid so much towards the house, but kept getting the same reply from my solicitor that 'ive benefitted from living here' and what ever Ive paid means nothing. The £45000 was calculated based on a sale of the house and what would be left split equally. I offered the £30000 cause I'm tired of fighting and didn't agree with the £45000 but was rejected. I feel ive been let down completely by my solicitor and now face loosing my house, while hes getting a cash payout and living with his new family in a hous
  6. yes, the bank didn't agree but gave him £20 towards all his phone calls and being pushed from person to person. thank you for your replies.
  7. He settled the bill totalling £433.84 because he didn't want it affecting his credit rating even further plus the bank said they couldn't do anything as the account was older than 9yrs, he argued the fact that if the account was in arrears at the time, they wouldn't have let him close it anyway without paying the debt first? The transactions were to companies he didn't recognise - Yazbill, Ffn.com.Adu, LTrendF GB, Adacet.net ?
  8. Hi all, I need to remortgage my house and don't have sufficient means. My son earns more than me and I tried with my sons help to remortgage only to be told my son has a bad credit score? we did a credit check and we found out hed closed a Natwest account in 2005 to open a new Natwest current account and according to the credit check there was still £400 owing on the closed account, there was fraudulent activity on the account, he went through the NatWest fraud team and they cant do anything as the account is more than 9yrs old. He complained and paid the amount owi
  9. Hi, he bought the house with his 2nd wife 1983 she left him and transferred the deeds to him. I moved in 1993 and we put the mortgage in joint names, soon after he got into debt with his business so took out a remortgage again joint names. He then got into trouble with the taxman so another remortgage to pay his tax bill and a charging order. house was valued at £120k minus current mortgage of £30k = £90k = his entitlement of whats left £45k. I have statements to prove Ive paid all mortgage payments and utilities ( all via direct debit) going back 10 years and have helped
  10. Hi everyone, firstl, apologies if ive posted this in the wrong place. Im in desperate need of some advice/help, I lost my mum, brother and dad in the last 3yrs, last year I found my fiancé of 23yrs was having an affair, he left and said I could keep the house ( joint mortgage). I had a breakdown after he announced earlier this year he now wants me to buy him out. I paid the mortgage and utilities over the last ten years and I have sought advice to be told theres absoloutely nothing I can do. Im struggling to remortgage to pay him what he wants and now have been told he can ge
  11. Hi all, Im sorry, Ive had a bit of a breakdown !!, not heard from my son...all the people Ive tried to contact on his behalf have not been helpfull, then I found out my partner has wiped out our savings and been on the verge of having an affair...wont bore you with the details...sooo basically it all got too much and I stupidly drank too much with some pills... I know stupid, stupid. Have kicked myself in the backside to get a grip. Soo Lee if youre reading this, can you e mail me a number I can contact you on please, just that Ive had to change all my numbers to stop harassment....than
  12. so sorry have had a bad couple of days, it didnt even register about the reference number!! sorry everyone
  13. Thank you so much Lee, Im trying to do the right thing in sorting out all his mail and accounts, but really dont know what else to do. I know my son was worried before he left, that if I knew his where abouts, I might get threatened too, I just wish hed contact me to let me know hes ok...but thats how scared he was. Thank you
  14. Hi Had a reply from voadafone, theres much they can do till they get permission off my son for me to access his account on his behalf...Thats a big problem, when I dont know where he is
  15. Hi have e mailed vodafone and heard nothing from them at all, now Ive had a letter that they are going to pass the account to a debt collection agency and add futher costs?
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