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  1. Hi Ross Thanks for your support, I'm sure everyone is right behind you in your fight against YB Visa - good luck to you (although I have a deep seated feeling that until one of the banks get really fed up paying out they will not want to have to prove their defence in a Court - may open up that big can of worms). Again good luck and keep us all posted;) Judge Dredd
  2. Hi if theres anyone reading this I just wanted to say that I received my cheque on Friday (should have been Thursday but they sent a cheque for the wrong amount) although I noticed on the cheque that it was dated 6th June which according to my calculations was a week last Wednesday (some 8 days before I received my cheque) just to explain clearly my cheque was typed out and authorised on the 6th June, received the cheque on the 14th June and then the proper one on the 15th June - this goes to show that there is a long delay between authorisation and receipt of cheque. So don't give up hope, it may be that there is a cheque already written out to you but has not been posted yet!!!!
  3. Hi Stevieg08 - CONGRATULATIONS on your win, go relax and enjoy, you deserve it. I also won this last week and received my cheque on Friday so I think theres a lot of hope out there for everyone else. I'm now thinking of going back to claim for the times prior to the last six years and also for my husbands account - what do you think? Anyway again CONGRATULATIONS;) And a Big :p to YB Judge Dredd
  4. Hi Can someone please change my title to "WON" as it will provide more hope to those who are still claiming. I have noticed lots of people have won this week alone it appears and that must provide confidence. SO can you please change it - cheers, thanks;)
  5. Hi Diddles and twoofus - thanks a lot for your warm wishes - much appreciated - can't quite believe it as yet and probably won't until cheque clears!!! Hubby very hapy man - I am not working at moment and he is under a considerable amount of pressure - it would have been cheaper for him to divorce me - but there you go (for richer and poorer and all that). I have to say it's because of all the stress and he makes sure we have a holiday every year - quite a good man eh! Anyway thanks a lot and good luck with any claims ongoing!!!
  6. Thanks Georgieboy - Everyone is behind you - keep your chin up. I won't be going anywhere for a while because I'm going back for the charges prior to the last six years and also the visa card and whatever other bank has robbed me senseless!!! I know I sound a bit bitter but I am!!! All those times when the bank have made me feel bad about my finances and all the time they were ripping me off - double standards dont you think? Part of the reason why my business failed was because I lost confidence in myself and in the bank - my business loan was backed by the DTI and so the bank didn't really have anything to worry about as they were guaranteed to get 75% of their money back the rest falls on me and I don't care no more - I'm just too honest for my own good - honesty is not the best policy as they have you believe - on top of that for two years the YB have been chasing me for money which relates to charges when they closed my account down - the charges were for £1000 for just one month - they helped my business stuggle due to the pressure they put on me to pay back this money - so yeah I am bitter against all the banks!!! Sorry for going on with myself but I am probably trying to justify my change of luck with this being the start - I hope. Thanks again for your best wishes they are appreciated;)
  7. Thanks Georgieboy - I don't really have any choice with a failed business and debts bigger than me I think my husband and family deserve whatever money comes my way as they are the ones who are keeping the creditors at bay - but cheers anyway - good luck with your claim - keep going;)
  8. Oh and by the way could someone please change my title to "WIN,WIN,WIN" I'm so excited and I just can't help it ....... and to YB a big:p :p
  9. Yippee de doo dah, yippee do aay - I received a cheque today for the full amount claimed and costs and no request to send back the cheque from yesterday for £55 (which I assume was the warrant fee in any event) - now I have it in my sweaty little mitts I am now going to back them!!!! That's after I hoover the stairs and put the washing away - you know family come first!!! THEN I'm going after the rest - not over yet - keep you all posted and thanks for all the support - remember "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE" keep going and you will WIN!!! Judge Dredd
  10. Thanks Ross, how are you doing with yours - I think you were at about the same stage as me weren't you? Not long now I hope!!! Anyway I haven't quite got the cheque just yet - waiting patiently!!! Again thanks for your support and I will be going to get the rest - I have my hit list ready!!! Good luck with your claim
  11. Hi Katierose - thanks for your support I can only express my support for you with your claim and for everyone else of course. This site is worth all the money donated because it does offer valuable advice and also much needed support. Once funds are cleared donation will be on its way!!! Got to admit I'm a bit skint at present what with the holiday and everything else going on in my life.. Thnaks anyway and good luck. Judge Dredd
  12. Hi twoofus, thanks for your support, i had been reading your claim this morning when the post arrived, I'm glad you won your case and tell your wife I'm and I am sure the rest of us are very proud of her attending Court on her own unsupported. Good luck to you both in your future claims if there are any!!!
  13. Hi Parkvale, no they haven't asked me to sign anything, they just stated cheque enclosed but it was for the £55 only. I have sent them a fax and waiting for response which I don't think I will get, probably get the cheque or BACS payment. They just want me to inform the court that this claim is settled which again I have informed them that i will do once the funds are cleared by cheque or BACS. Again - Nearly won!!! not quite there yet!!!!
  14. Hi Katsbubb - thanks for that - I appreciate it (although it is nerve racking isn't it). Just waiting now for either a cheque or BACS payment and then its over for this claim - I will be going back for the rest!!. I'm going away for two weeks on the 24th June so hopefully I will have my statement request in prior to then so it will hopefully be dealt with not long after I return on the 9th July - then its all systems go as I will have relaxed sufficiently enough by then to start the good fight again. Good luck to you with any claims you are still intending to claim - if there are any and thanks again for your support!!! Judge Dredd
  15. Hi all supporters out there Well the news is .............. received a letter today from Clydesdale Bank referring to my judgement of the 30th May and also to the application to set aside judgement however ..............due to the disproportionate costs of defending the claim they have enclosed a cheque for the full amount plus court costs - great you may well think but .............the cheque enclosed was only for the £55 which I assume to be the warrant fee!!!! Nearly there - returned a fax to them informing them of this and requesting the cheque in the full amount or payment by BACS into my joint account with the Nationwide - once received and cleared then HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY (are these hoorays spelt right?) Hopefully case will be over - which is a good job well done if you ask me my nerves wouldn't have held out much longer!!! Good luck to everyone - as they say "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE" (only someone should trying telling my nerves that!! Judge Dredd
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