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  1. They should follow procedure like they are always telling us lol.
  2. So where dose this leave me Dodgeball do I ignore the cabot letter as they have broken the terms of the consumer credit act by their actions. Or do I point this out to them. This really should have been defaulted by JD Williams and then passed on to cabot. As I have been making token payments of £1 a month for the last 9 month. thanks.
  3. Took time to read the cabot letter and it reads as follows we have recently bought your account you held with JD Williams. we are here to help you manage your account. good news we are happy to accept your token payment of £1 a month. Then the bad news as follows. information you need to know. the amount is lower than the minimum contractual payment for this account of 4% of your outstanding balance, as required by the terms of your credit agreement . This means that arrears will start to accrue on your account. Were happy to continue with these payments but we need to make you aware that if you stop paying or are not able to repay the accrued arrears after 6 months your account may become defaulted. it then goes on to say what a default means about reporting to credit ref agency's etc. I did think when a debt collection agency took over your account they were not allowed to add any charges. but it seems they can As JD Williams have not defaulted me for this account. Any suggestions how i proceed with this thanks.
  4. £800 No usual £12 charges or other charges. My question is can they sell the debt without the account going into default thanks.
  5. Looking on credit file it shows as Jd Williams Ta Ambrose Wilson £ ***** 20/02/2019 Up to date so account never defaulted and now cabot has purchased the debt
  6. No this is a newer debt with ambrose wilson taken out in 2017 thanks for your help
  7. As The Title Had a letter today from Cabot and JD Williams saying they had sold the debt to Cabot. Have been paying a token payment after illness forced me to leave my job. The account had never defaulted. My question is it legal to sell an account on to a debt collector without a default notice going on to the account first. As all my other debts have been defaulted then sold on. Thanks.
  8. No this is going to be my first response and I do not want to telephone them,
  9. As the title says I need an address to write to or email in regards to an NATWEST overdraft I recently moved onto benefits and will be offering them a token payment thanks.
  10. Thanks renegadeimp leonmassey will get a letter off now.
  11. My wife has fallen ill with bowel cancer and was not in a position to make her contracted payments to aqua. I wrote to Aqua in November 2014 and again in February and march without reply, I have called aqua and asked to be put through to the complaints team but on two occasions I have been left on hold and not got through to the complaints department. Can anyone give me the postal address for aqua card complaints team. I do intend to take this up with FOS But I need to write to them first. Thanks.
  12. Migrated from IB to ESA put in WRAG then after reconsideration Put in Support three month later My question is will my next ESA WCA fall on the date the first Decision was made Or will it go from the reconsidered decision date Thanks.
  13. when I refuse delivery do I need a note from the driver to prove the mobile has gone back thanks.
  14. I cancelled my contract that had come to an end with three mobile. I was offered the world from three who where very pushy but I insisted on the cancellation. At the end of the call I asked again for confirmation of cancelation and was assured my contract had been cancelled. Then 3 days later I got a call from three again asking me why I was considering cancelling my account. I reminded the agent I was not considering but had cancelled 3 days earlier. He then said that was not the case but it was still in the process of being cancelled, But he then went on to offer me a new Samsung galaxy three for £8 5000 texts 300 minutes, I queried this I said it cant be a Samsung galaxy three did he mean a Samsung galaxy 3 mini he then said yes that was it a mini. As this seemed like a good deal I went for it, But asked for a message to confirm all the details. I got the message 24 hours later but the mobile is not the Samsung galaxy 3 mini but a Samsung galaxy fame which is a very poor mobile on looking at the specs. I have therefore been miss-sold a mobile over the phone. My question is can I refuse delivery and would refusing delivery cancel this new contract. If I refuse delivery do I have to ask the courier for a note saying the mobile has been returned thanks.
  15. Still waiting for the sar documents they have received my SAR letter about four weeks ago.
  16. So what in your opinion should my next move be, Obviously Lewis are now going to start there threatograms. Do I report shopacheck for passing on a disputed debt. Do I inform Lewis they are in trouble for not checking if the account was in dispute? Any help thank you.
  17. Are CL finance not part of SHOPACHECK Anyway I thought they were all in with cattles group. Also are the letters rather against consumer credit Law. IE CL finance are taking over but you need to pay lewis. This seems to be confusing for any customer and the consumer credit Law asks that only one creditor should chase a debt at any time. So what do I do now just Ignore or inform CL they have bought a lemon ?. Thanks again for all your help here.
  18. We have now received the following today from shop a check and CL Financeltd. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii16/microbar123/LETTERA.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii16/microbar123/LETTERB.jpg I have informed them repeatedly they have not complied with my request for avalid cca and what they have sent me is defective and unenforceable plus the documents t&cs are illegible. But they are in denial of this by saying they see no reason why I have notpaid the outstanding amount. I will be sending a bemused letter any suggestions thanks.
  19. yeah they probably do But I just want them off my wifes back as she is not well. I might add that they may owe me money in my reply. I just need to formulate a reply to warn them off for good if any one can come up with one thanks
  20. I dont really have the means to spend £10 on a SAR I thought any agreement before april 2007 had to be the signed original agreement to enforce this through the courts. .
  21. Yeah I was going to write back with the following, The agreement you have supplied is defective and does not constitute a valid contract, You have furnished me with what looks like a consolidated agreement ,Which has no relevance to the original agreements,. Also as this agreement is dated 2003 you would need the original agreement to enforce this through the courts. Is there any thing you think I could add or remove thanks all.
  22. Can you please expand on your findings thanks.
  23. Asked my wife she said they added all the outstanding loans together and she then was asked to pay this over 150 weeks no interest. Looking at the spread sheet we owe around 50 pound, there were a lot of weeks that the collector did not collect. No extra has been added but my argument is should they not have to produce the original contracts before the loans were consolidated together. As my cca request thanks.
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