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  1. Yeah , well at one point I was feeling ignored by them too, I think that is their game plan to see if you will stick to your guns, but as 'Overdrawn' says, they can't ignore you forever and only you can make sure of that!! Keep it up! and good luck!
  2. Just a quick e-mail to let everyone know that after sending my first letter on May 20th 2006, I have today received a settlement of £1920.00 from HSBC. I didn't even have to go to court. I sent my prelim and then a Letter Before Action and after a long 1 month wait, they finally decided to pay up!! I am very relieved that it is all over and that I didn't have to go to court. I will be signing on the dotted line and hopefully have my money back within 7 days. My next step is to let all my friends, family and colleagues, who were waiting to see my results, know that indeed it
  3. Thanks for your messages and I'll keep you posted on the outcome!
  4. Hi Stephie, Thanks for your advice. I can sleep a little easier now. So I will wait until the end of the month to submit my claim.
  5. Hello.. I have gone through the site and done everything asked of me step by step and to date, but unfortunately, I have come to an abrupt halt. I sent my LBA on the 7th August which meant I would have to issue my court claim on the 21 August after no reply, which was my intention. Unfortunately due to overwhelming debts, I have not had the £120.00 to submit my claim. I don't know where I stand now as HSBC must think that my threats of sending them to court meant nothing. What shall I do? The worst thing is that even though over a month has gone by since my LBA I have not even
  6. Ooopps one last question.... Do I tick yes or no to the following question??? Does or will your claim include any issues under the Human Rights Act 1998? Thanks again !
  7. oh ok! Great advice! I shall keep you posted on the outcome!! Thanks
  8. Thank you Michael for your reply, it has been of great help!! Just one last question. The daily interest at 8% of £0.XXp from the date of issue etc... is that 8% of total charges & interest?? Thanks once again for your help!
  9. OK so I am about to issue the court claim as the 14 days after the LBF is up and I have had no reply from the bank yet. Can anyone help me with the wording that I should use. I am quite nervous about it all and don't know what to write in there. I tried the moneyclaim online but gave up as I couldn't get the correct wording in the limited space, so I opted for the PDF form instead. It's just I don't know how to fill in properly. I have put the template wording in the particulars of claim, but what shall I write in the brief details of claim bit? Also what do I write under the Value part?
  10. Hey, I was just about to send my Letter Before Action as the 14 days notice was up on 4th August and I decided to re-calculate as I noticed something odd on one of my statements. They deducted £36 in what they called ADJUST TO CR 07FEB. Does anyone know what that means and if it is in actual fact a charge? It has been deducted after a £30 deduction for recall of a DD. Also as I was re-calculating I realised that I had missed a couple of other charges such as Card Misuse. So in my original prelim I asked for £1,900.82 but now the amount is £2,044.32. Shall I put the new amount in the
  11. Hello, So I sent my prelim and have heard nothing since. It has been 14 days on Friday 4th August. What shall I do next? I have seen a letter in the library called Letter Before Action. Is that the one I need to send? Thanks for your help!!
  12. Hello everyone, Ok so after reading all information on this website I sent a Data Protection letter asking for copies of my statements upto 6 years. They sent my cheque bank and told me that the duplicates would arrive in batches, so I waited. After a couple of days I got about 50 envelopes delivered, but noticed that they were 2 copies of the same statements and they were incomplete. So I sent a further letter and specified which dates were missing and after about 1 week they sent another batch of statements again duplicates of duplicates but finally I had a complete set of 6 years worth
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