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  1. I contacted them as soon as I got back, the first day actually and I made a number of phone calls and emails and they were constantly saying someone will get back to me but its always me having to phone them, not once has anyone got back to me. Jet2 just redirect me to the insurance company - I booked the insurance through Jet2 when I was paying for my flights, just the insurance option on the payment / options page.
  2. Hey, I got insurance through Jet2 when I went to Santa Ponsa last April - My laptop was stole on the first night in the hotel - They denied it and said nothing was stole from the hotel before (Yeah right...) - Quite ironic as while he said it 3 Spanish girls came to the desk and said their money was stole from their room. I got a police report from Spanish police ( I went with the Spanish girls and they translated ) When I got back I phoned Jet2 - They said the insurance wasnt through them but a different company, I dont know how many times I have phoned and they arent helping.
  3. Hey,I might just be out of luck here but I bought an electric blanket which was used about 15-20 times last winter and I just put it on 2 nights ago, it worked the first night and just wouldn't turn on at all last night - I checked the connections and changed the fuse but I can't see anything wrong with it.. It is 13 months since I bought it but it was barely used - I think it came with a 3 year guarantee though, does anyone know if I can do anything?Thanks
  4. Also, just remembered - The other laptop is windows 7, not Vista - Too many laptops at home (None working ) - Most just need new HDs and windows reinstalled though.
  5. Thanks George I will try find an ISO now - Its a 64bit Toshiba laptop anyway - I don't have it here though because I'm in work.
  6. Yeah I checked that but there was no partition to restore - One laptop is Vista, the other is 8.I connected the vista HD to a USB caddy and I can see all folders and files are there (Docs and settings, program files etc.) - So the disk seems ok but still getting BSOD as soon as it should be starting up - I tried it on 3 laptops and the same thing, so it is the HD..
  7. No, I even have 2 hard disks from 2 laptops I bought there, the other also isn't working but the laptop has other problems (The reason I bought this one) - 1 starts and gets to the windows is loading files screen, the bar completes and the laptop restarts - So I only have BIOS and the windows loading screen.The other one boots and BSOS and restarts immediately, I can't even see what the error is.
  8. Hey,I bought a new laptop this year in Argos and now Windows has crashed and I need a disk to either repair or reinstall Windows, but I didn't get any type of disk at all in the box.Anyone know what I can do?Thanks!
  9. Hey, Sorry, but I am very angry right now. I just tried to talk to someone on the Efax live chat, it is all below. What annoys me so much is that by email they don't help at all, you wait days for a reply, if you try their chat, they are only there to sell, if you try to ask a question about a problem they can't help. I know that companies won't (Not can't) provide chat support - very happy to provide help only if someone wants to signup and pay. The reason I am livid is this has happened a few times, the end of the conversation was my typing that I tried to emai
  10. Can anyone help with this please? Thanks
  11. Hey, I opened a free trial account with efax but when I used it I realised I have to pay extra per page to send from Northern Ireland to the Republic, all my faxes are from North to South so it really isn't worth it. I sent 2 faxes (Paid for through my card) while on the free trial - I asked for it to be cancelled as soon as I saw the extra charges. I asked around 5 times by email, I was told that I have to phone them to cancel, I did it twice but ran out of credit both times, not cheap to ring from my mobile when I am in the Republic. I kept asking just to close it via email,
  12. Hey, I was in Halifax this week but forgot my card, I could only take out £50 or transfer money to my BOI account and take it out at a machine using the BOI card. I sent the money and used the number on my card, I thought it was my account number, but it is the card number (Also 8 digits). Obviously I didn't get the money in my BOI account, but where is it now? Is there anything I can do to get it back? I also had to put in the sort code with the account number, so this wouldn't have went into another account, would it? Thanks for any help
  13. Hey, I have been getting bills from HMRC for a few years - I have copied this from another post, but this is more specific about appealing to HMRC: I did a course through a government business called InvestNI in Northern Ireland, they help people with business advise, writing a business plan etc. I was planning on starting a business here The market was simply too bad to start and wouldn't be profitable after I did more research and went through options with the business advisors - I couldn't afford even the startup because of some things I didn't think about I was ad
  14. It could be..I'm not at home now, is there any way to check? I was told by both the accountant and InvestNI to ignore the letters because the business was never started..but if it has gone to a debt collection and they are talking about CCJ, this obviously isn't just a mistake and something that should be ignored. I really have no idea about how HMRC works, exactly why I went for some advise from the accountant.
  15. I sent an email and told them everything about the situation and what has happened. The only reply was telling me that I am in arrears and have to pay the bill, no other information or help at all, not even a reply to what I asked, pretty much the same details as I have posted here, not one thing was replied to in the email from them. It took around 1 week to even get that reply.. I want to have things in writing, but if it takes 1 week to get an email reply, how long will it take to get a letter reply, and all that time more costs could be building up from both HMRC and the debt c
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