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  1. thanks all for the reply. as i said I am handling the issue, but just wanted to see if i can pin them on this. one thing i would say though - i have never had any marketing letters in brown envelopes with URGENT in bold and underlined on it. i just think they are pushing the boundaries if i am honest.
  2. hi i have a quick question on guidelines for DCAs. i have searched around but cannot find the answer. I have received a letter from Mackenzie Hall for an alleged debt. the debt issue is fine, and i can handle. my problem is when the send a letter they send the letter in a brown envelope with urgent in capital letters on the front of the envelope. this seems to me, to be breaching debt collection guidelines? can anyone comment on this? thanks
  3. thanks both i said that to them today. i stated that if they agreed to remove the deafult I would pay. he said no so i said i will pay them £1 per month as there is no advantage to me paying out. he then tried to get me to go through income/expenditure. i told him to swing. point I am trying to get to is what legislation states they do not have keep the default on if any?
  4. thanks for the answer brigadier. but with regards to choice of removing the default - there is no legislation that stops them from removing if need be? they could remove out of good faith if they wanted to?
  5. hi All Hope I can get some advice please. There is a default on my credit file at present. This is for a credit card where the lender sold the debt to Lowells. As I am in a position to pay the balance on the debt, I thought I would see of they would move and remove the default in return for me clearing the debt. i was told that it is not lawful to remove the default just like that, and also as they did not place the default in the first place they are not allowed to remove it... 1. default date on credit file does not match default notice date? does this matter? 2. can
  6. Sorry ford, should have clicked refresh before replying there. only received a gerneral order stating that the application is accepted and a judgement be made against me in the sum of xxxx to be paid within 28 days.
  7. Ford, is there a specific income form i need to send, or can i just produce one myself? Is there a court form i need to fill in? I noticed they had a form called N245? Should I fill this in, or just send a letter in?
  8. Hi Ford, thanks, I will try that. Andydd, As I am sure you can appreciate every case is individual in merit, including mine. it was not just a case of me "pulling a few documents together" to try and get round the judge. circumstances stopped me from responding in the time frames required of this case. I only knew about the hearing just over two weeks (one of which I was out of the country) before it happened because the claimant didn't bother to send me copies of their request for SJ. I am sure if it was the other way around and I placed request with court and not provide copies
  9. Hi all, I would confirm the Mould's comment that he did not encourage me to appeal or do anything I did not want to do. I was fully aware that the court may kick my case out as I did not submit docs on time. my hope was they would be sympathetic as I am a LIP. They did not. bearing in mind the likely losses i would endure as a result of appealing, I have decided to cut my losses on this and not appeal. I now have to live live with the CCJ even though the creditor left it two years to even do anything with this despite my requests to try and resolve. the whole thing has left a bad taste
  10. Hi Andy I think your correct as far as the SJ hearing is concerned. I wouldn't be appealing on that point though The Mould thinks I may be able to appeal due to incorrect processes by court staff when they gave out the AQ's at the beginning. he asked to pull together a timeline of events. I think the point is get the claim back to the beginning again which will allow me to then submit a defence in good time. assuming I have a defence of course.
  11. Hi the mould, Order of events from receipt of claim through to last week are as follows; Original claim received from Court 1 beginning of March. I filled in the response pack stating that I intended to defend the claim as I believed the claimant had terminated the contract in error. This was sent to court 1 on the 6th March. On the 9th March court 1 sent out a notice of transfer of proceedings to court 2 with the following text; To all parties A defence to this claim has been filed. As the defendant is an individual the claim has been transferred to the court covering the are
  12. Hi All apologies for not coming back on this. needed a break to clear my head, and also had son's A level results yesterday. I will pull the timeline info for you over the weekend the Mould on the AQ side of things. in answer to everyone's questions - the DJ ummed and erred on my request to allow my WS, but the claimant solicitor was very robust in his objection saying no excuses - docs needed to be submitted 7 days before. in response i tried to state that i only know about the hearing 3 weeks ago when the court told me on the phone. they sent me new documents through, but i was
  13. Hi The Mould, sorry but been at work. claimant solicitor basically stated that CPR24 is not a "may" deliver within 7 days, it's a must. DJ agreed with him. basically said he could not consider my WS and argument. the solicitor said they had not received the WS from me, and even if they did they would object robustly object to it's inclusuion. as a result the CPR 3.10 i tried to submit as a response to his objection was promptly rebutted for that same reason. not submitted within 7 day's. they basically refused me point blank in any of my arguments becuase i had not delivered t
  14. Hi, You would think that wouldn't you. Not good news i'm afraid. My defence struck out. Dj would not consider my defence at all under cpr24. Despite me trying the sheet you gave me. Judgement awarded against me and full costs awarded also.
  15. Just at court now. They have solicitor trying it on. GE hasn't been given pack by claimant and is pulling cpr24. I sent pack guaranteed delivery yesterday. What's my response?
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