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  1. Thank you I might just email Ronan. But I assume I should have received correspondence in my SAR information regarding the default placed on my credit file?
  2. I recently discovered that in 2011 O2 put a default on my Equifax credit file for £9. O2 have just responded to my SAR request with various records. In these records is a charge to an old account in February 2007 for £7.18 that they wrote off in March 2011. There is no information or letters concerning the default placed on my credit file. Should there not a be a record in the SAR of O2 writing to me concerning the default?
  3. Well Equifinance wrote back and produced various statements that neither Mother Teresa nor myself had even seen. Odd the accounts in joint names and Equifinance always write separately to Mr Pope and Mrs Pope, both the letters with the statements in went missing. Very very strange and so unlucky! the statements they "produced" are in fact inaccurate. So the whole lot is now with the FOS.
  4. I recently realised that Equifinance had failed to send me any statements for a loan I took out at the end of 2013. I have just written and made a complaint about the failure to produce them as CCA 77A 1(a)(b)and request that the interest charged during the failure is removed from the account as it shouldn't be charged as CCA 77A 6(b). Equifinance have acknowledged my complaint and are investigating.
  5. The easiest way is to send a request; cut and paste this into a letter and edit it for you account. I would suggest you send it recorded delivery. When you get a responce, start a new thread of your own and post a copy for help. But make sure you run a black pen through personal information like name, address and account number. RECORDED DELIVERY Statutory Request under Sections 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Dear Sirs, Re: account number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx With reference to the above ag
  6. Thank you the post alanalana, must have taken a while and is appreciated. We applied for a SAR earlier in the year so the information I have been posting has arisen from starting to wade through the three feet high pile of paper. Some of the loans were definitely taken out while self employed so I have asked the individual to note down employment history against each loan. The heart attack was not a previous medical condition and completely out of the blue. My research started with reading the stickies in the PPI forum but as with all research lead me to many threads and po
  7. Post number 3 in the link below is a start for any claim letter to Lloyds http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/230010-lloyds-tsb-missold-ppi.html
  8. Mikey looking at your list it so similar to the one I am looking at. Lloyds obviously had a policy to target certain individuals with these loans for reloans to get more money, more commission and big fat profits. My own relative was simply aghast when they realised what had gone on with each loan and the LPI being lumped on each time when we went through the statements and put them in order. From my research so far I can tell you that the lumps of LPI you note are PPI that was "front loaded" on the policy. As opposed to added each month based on the balance. Also PPI before 14 Janau
  9. History - I have recently started helping a family member who had a loan from Lloyds in 2001. This orignal loan had front loaded PPI (Lloyds call it LPI). The loan has subsequently been "cleared" and moved to a new loan on 6 seperate occassions roughly every 8 months or so. Everytime more PPI has been front loaded onto the new loan with the old balance and any new advance. The current loan has a balance of £14K but all the PPI from the old loans is more than this amount. All very shocking. Now this family member is over 65 and had a heart attack earlier this year and is now not working, u
  10. Thank you. I am still working through the SAR reply from Lloyds. If I come across a copy will post them up on here.
  11. Any more news Mikey40? I spent this afternoon looking over a SAR from Lloyds for a member of my family. They have had 6 loans from Lloyds over the last 7 years. Each new loan paid off the previous and every one has LPI added to it. I didn't add it all up but the LPI on the lot is well over £10,000! So I am now reading lots of PPI threads and getting up to speed.
  12. Did you find them jonnyt79? I also need a credit card T&C for PPi from 2001
  13. I have posted all the above just to let others know what happens and how the road runs over two and half years. I myself also have an IF Visa account with a "debt" of just under £10K it is also with Hillesden, they have yet to tell me no credit agreement for this account. But I am sure they will eventually lol.
  14. After a couple of we will be in touch letters the following arrived from Hillesden - October 08 1 The original lender has been unable to supply a copy of the original agreement, however please find enclosed a true copy of the agreement which complies with your request under section 77-79 of the Consumer credit Act 1974. 2 Due to the above, we will not continue with any proceedings on the above account at this stage; however, should the documentation become available we will notify you accordingly. 3 Although we are unable to enforce the agreement at this time, the default will r
  15. So we sent off a pleasant little note to Hillesden and copied in Aplins, it went; I have recently been notified by HBOS that they “assigned all of its respective rights, title and interest in respect of the above referenced account to Hillesden Securities, effective xxxxx”. I now write to communicate to you my position. In February 2007 I requested a signed copy of the Credit Agreement, this HBOS have failed to produce. I know that the lack of a signed Credit Agreement, in the required format and with the required content, is a fatal breach of the Consumer Credit Ac
  16. My good wife the mother superior had an IF Visa card. This card we stopped paying back in February 2007 and requested a copy of the credit agreement from IF. They failed to produce one. Blair Oliver Scott also failed and sent it back across the corridor to IF. Then Wescot had a go in January 08. Followed in March 08 by IQOR. Next up was Robinson Way, who warrant a new paragraph, in June 08 after a Formal Demand (oh how we quaked) followed it up in August 08 with a special invitation ** substantial reduction ** special invitation for 30 days only a sustantial discount will clear this debt
  17. Received my annual statement from Amber Homeloans last week. Have had a play with an excel spreadsheet and I can not make any of the interest charged each month work with the interest percentage. I have calculated the daily interest and added to the balance for each month and they are all a few pounds to much. Have written to Amber and requested their calculations and enclosed my own for two sample months. Anyone else checked or queried their Amber Homeloans mortgage interest?
  18. Nomore, Do you still have an IF Visa card? I had one when I opened an IF current account back in 1999 I think it was. Then a few years later IF withdrew the VISA cards and transfered my balance to a Halifax Visa card. I never signed and returned the new credit agreement (in my then ignorance) for the Halifax VISA. When I requested the credit agreement they sent me the IF one from the original account. This I rejected.
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