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  1. The title says it all really! I have already successfully won one court case in August (Barclays £500). And received full amount from Lloyds ( 3k) after MCOL. And received 1k from Barclays after couple of letters. My husband has court case this Thursday 4th - Barclays £4k. I feel it will be put on hold and it will drag out for ages. Is it worth me ringing the Barclays Litigation Team and seeing what their settlement amount would be, if any? I've been in these processes for so long now - I just want it all finished.
  2. Very happily I won £550 against Barclays on 16th August...... The court demanded that they pay me by the latest 13th September - STILL no word! What is my next step.... is it bailiffs and if so how? Or is it a reminding phonecall? Thanking you!
  3. I simply CANNOT believe what I'm reading on this thread! Oh my god - honestly it would be laughable if it wasn't people's lives/time & emotions that are being messed around with. KennyVinegar & Marcelle - huge sympathies but as JuicyD said good on you for getting into court and holding your own. Oh my God - September 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dear Olden - The letter a lot of us received from Barclays - stating that they had 'asked' the Courts to 'stay/hold' all cases - was just that a letter. My Judge yesterday said that these letters were NOT the correct way to ask for a Stay. An individual application along with a £65 cheque for each case was the correct way and the ONLY way to ask for a stay. AND it was up the Court to decide not the Banks. Completely agree - No Stay had correctly been asked for - your case should have ben heard. I'm sorry you didn't have a different Judge.
  5. I rang one of the numbers at the top of this thread - and a nice girl answered speaking from Canary Wharf, I think she probably gets a lot of grief on the phone from disgruntled Claimers. I was nice to her ( of course) and she was very helpful and even told me Barclays would be sending a Representative to my Court Hearing the next day and she wished me well.
  6. Speaking on behalf of your boyfriend should be fine. The Judge will lead you and ask you if you have anything to say at each stage. Don't forget ( as I did when I wrote up my Court Hearing yesterday! ) We are the CLAIMANTS - we are taking the bank to court not the other way round and we are the wronged party - the JUdge is on our side. Good Luck and let us know how you get on! You'll be fine! Sarah Apples
  7. Hi - I took my Court Bundle - which included my Statement of Evidence, my Judge refered to that and the T&C's of when you opened your account. Also the document which states why you do not agree with the stay on grounds of inconvenience and human rights etc. In case you need to object. Also I found a list to have in front of you - dates of charges you are claiming, how many, when you contacted bank to start negotiations , dates of letters back and forth etc..... it helps when you discuss things with the judge ( if indeed you have to) . And mainly just don't wory about a court appearance - you'll be nervous but honestly its all very simpleonce you're there. Good Luck - Sarah Apples
  8. Good Luck to you KennyVinegar on appearing in court, and to anyone else reading this thread - hand on heart - completely not scary and you feel great making a stand for what you believe in. ( the moneys fairly good too;) )
  9. Hi - As requested... Claim Number: 7QZ63543 Claimant: SarahApples Defendant : Barclays Bank plc North Shields County Court 16th August 2007
  10. So sorry read your message after I'd started new thread - apologies - still a bit of a Forum Virgin - and way over excited right now! Thank you for your congratulations x
  11. North Shields County Court 16 th August 11:30 SarahApples vs Barclays Bank. I won! Is the first and very important thing to say! I know how much reading about other people's experiences helped me so I hope to be able to do the same below. I was admittedly very nervous before going to the Court. But once you are there and sitting with other people in exactly the same boat - you start feeling fine and actually its all rather interesting. As I was sitting there waiting for my court time - a very nice - Barrister who was there representing the banks today approached me and said 'could he have a word'. He basically was about to explain all about the fact he was going to ask for a Stay - I said I understood - but YES I very much wanted to carry on and go into the hearing so he could stop there. He was a nice chap, and there was no pressure or silly games. I was called into the court room with another 2 defendants. 2 Barclays inc myself and 1 Abbey. The court room itself, was simply a modern room with a raised platform with a desk along one wall ,behind which sat a friendly looking gentleman in a suit ie the Judge. and a few tables facing him. There were 4 chairs behind one desk so the 3 defendants sat next to the Bank representative, facing the Judge. I was in there for a total of 30 mins. So much was said I cannot remember it all. However alot of it was the Judge making sure that all 3 defendants knew exactly what was going on, and what the announcement of the Jan 08 Test Case meant etc etc. The Judge asked the Bank rep to speak. The Bank guy asked for a stay in all three of our cases. Judge said 'Have you submitted applications for stays into this Court'. 'Yes Sir we have' was the reply. The Judge replied' Actually no you haven't at all!' - So that wasn't a great start for the Banks! The Judge went on to say he did not think much AT ALL of the Banks asking for blanket Stays - when they do not actually apply for them the correct way ( individually and with a £65 cheque attached). He asked us all if we wanted Stays - we all said No. The Bank rep then asked for the cases to be adjourned. The Judge said no. The Bank rep then stated that he would have to step out of the process as he was not instructed to defend the banks - only request Stays. So that meant the hearing would go on as if the Banks had not turned up at all. ( at this point I started to feel awfully hopeful!) The Judge then said he wanted to see the Defendants individually. I was first as it happened so stayed sitting as the other 2 trooped out with their moral supports/spouses. The Bank rep requested to saty in the room as a matter of interest. Judge said fine. Judge turned to me , and then it went a little pear-shaped and it took me unawares - as he said 'You have asked for charges to be re-paid to you even when they are outside of the 6 years limit'. I explained that I first requested the Banks to repay my charges in March 07 and the charges I ask for were dated 6 years back for then. He said 'no, it has to be from when I issued' ( my Claim ie MoneyClaimOn-Line). I was on the back foot because I genuinely did not think of that/or indeed hear of anyone adjusting their claim accordingly? So be warned fellow claimers! Unless it was just me? So the judge whipped out a calculator and calculated the diiference that these few charges would make to my overall claim (inc interest) bless him as if I had done it I would still be there! (only a hundred & fifty £'s difference). Added on my Court fee of £80 - and said 'I judge in your favour and the bank is ordered to pay you within 28 days' !!! And out I trooped! Happy as Larry, slightly bamboozled it suddenly was over and done with. Told the good news to the 2 defendants waiting to go back in, because he would have to rule positively in their favour too now - and there you go. I will try and find out the name of the Judge - he was very fair and easy to talk to. If I have left out any information just ask and I'll reply. My Advice? Of course you'll be nervous - but during and after you realise it's not at all scary and actually very interesting.... ( I'm back in Oct for my husbands claim if its not stayed - and I'm looking forward to it!) Sarah Apples - VICTOR!!! Ho Ho...
  12. Sarah Apples vs Barclays Bank North SHields County Court , 16th Aug Thursday I WON!! Wooo Hooooo!!! I'll start a new thread and give all the details of what went on and what the Judge said!
  13. Thanks bbch60 - thought I might be getting excited for nothing ( also trying to get out of going to Court!) WHat happened in your hearing - did you speak to Judge and give your story/evidence?
  14. Am itching to ring Barclays and ask why I haven't received my bundle or indeed any paperwork from them selves as required by the court- to see if they will settle over phone! Please someone - tell me - is this unlikely?!
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