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  1. Thanks for the advice... I've brought the letter into work with me today and after reading it again now with a little more understanding it would seem that they are not saying that I can't calim but that I already have a claim pending?!? Here is what the letter says: "Your claim has already been registered and we have previously sent you an acknowledgement explaining the position concerning the legal proceedings with the Office of Fair Trading in relation to bank charges. If you did not receive our acknowledgement, please let us know and we will be pleased to send it to you again. We will keep you updated appropriately with the OFT. You will be able to check the latest position on our website at Home: personal, business, online, internet, banking: HSBC Bank UK" What shall I do?!?! Thanks again Jen
  2. What's the OFT test case? It mentioned that in the letter... I wish I had it with me but it's at home... HSBC, they are driving me mad!! Thanks for your help :o)
  3. Hi all, I successfully claimed back my bank charges over 12 months ago but since then I've incurred more charges is it possible to make a second claim? I've tried but I got a letter back saying that I couldn't do this as I've already done it.... Is this true?? Thanks Jen
  4. Thanks for this do you think there is anything I could do? I've missed the date to pay the £30 now for each of them so would cost me £120.00 in total, I realise that this is my fault but I really didn't realise that the same rules applied for off road areas. You'd think I'd learn after the first one but the second one I got on a Saturday and thought I'd be OK on weekends
  5. I've just been doing a bit of research on this and does anybody think that if I appeal on the grounds that the have put on the ticket that Contravention (01) has occured which is an 'On Street' Offence but I wasn't actually on the street, I was off the road....... Would this make it invalid??
  6. Hi All, I've been having a read on the other threads on here but I can't seem to find anything that is similar to my problem. I have 2 parking tickets, one from when I borrowed my mum's car and the other from when I was in my sister's car!! I have contested both of these tickets but they have replied saying that they cannot cancel the parking tickets. Both tickets were received in the same place, where I live there is a patch of spare land in a triangle shape which has single yellow lined roads with pavements down 2 of it's sides and a footpath down the other. Everybody parks on here adjacent to each other down the footpath edge. The reason on both tickets is 'Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours' at the time of issue I searched everywhere for some time plates indicating the 'prescribed hours' and couldn't see any, on the last occasion I asked the attendant who had issued the ticket and she pointed to a sign and said that it's Mon - Sat 08.00 - 18.00. When I looked at this sign it was a blue circle clearway sign with a white box under it with the word 'End' displayed. I am certain that there were no more signs. Since contesting a sign seems to have appeared detailing the restrictions about 6ft further round the pavement from where the other sign is, now I'm convinced it wasn't there before but I am now starting to doubt myself!! Even so, my argument is - I wasn't even on the road! Their response is: "As you enter Manchester City Centre, you will pass a Controlled Zone sign. These signs explain that the rules for single yellow lines apply 8am-6pm Mon-Sat. The streets inside the zone do not have to have signs giving this information (except where other resrictions apply). The way we sign our zones complies with the law. Where there is a yellow line, the parking rules apply to the pavement or off road area too. So, altough you were parked on the pavement or off the road, you committed the same contravention as a vehicle parked on the road. This also applies to private land where the land in question has been identified as indistinguishable from the highway and as such is subject to the parking restrictions on the highway. This rule exists because vehicles parked on the pavement or off the road can get in the way of pedestrians, especially blind people or people with prams and can damage verges, kerb stones or underground pipes" For one I was no where near the pavement so would not have been in anyones way, to get onto this land I went up a dropped kerb so causing no damage and if I was going to damage underground pipes by parking here surely I'd damage them also when the parking restrictions do not apply??? I'm very sorry this is a bit lengthy but I wanted to give all the details, I think the ticket is OK becasue it has "date if notice" in the top right corner and then times "From/To" and "on" with the date. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks x
  7. Thanks for this! I've actually already tried emailng them and calling them but they said that "informal arrangement fees are service fees, as such we belive they are fair, legal, reasonable and transparent" Would I use the same kind of letter that I used to claim back the past 6 years? (the one that the BBC offered as a template) Thanks again.
  8. Hi All, I've recently got my bank charges back from HSBC, they would not refund the interest though. Whilst I was waiting to be refunded I went £66 over my overdraft limit for 4 days and I have been charged £95. Can I claim this back do you think?? Thanks Jen
  9. Yeah I can imagine so! I think this is going to be a very useful site.
  10. Many thanks for this, I think all of this will keep me busy this weekend!
  11. Will I not struggle to open an account elsewhere given that I have recently gone over my overdraft limit - oops!
  12. Thanks again! Do you think I should start from the beginning with the letters or just continue from where I left off and commence with the court proceedings? Also (sorry!) are they likely to close my account?
  13. Thanks Michael, at the beginning of that thread you say that if you can, file the claim at your local court, is there anything that can prevent me from doing this?
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