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  1. Hi all just thought i would update everyone, both mine and wragges AQ have been sent in and i guess its just a waiting game now for the judge to make a decision on a date. When would you suggest would be a good time to send a nudge letter to wragges? Ive looked at some of them and thought that if i just altered them slightly as in pointing out that the actual amount of charges within the last six years is over £5500.00 not the £5000.00 that im claiming and that im also not claiming interest and would accept £5000.00 and let them off the court fees! What does everyone think???????8-)
  2. Hi jmn it doesnt matter if you complete the AQ early as they will not look at it until after the date its due even if wragges have completed and sent in theirs. Then your looking at another 3-4 weeks until the judge has looked at it and decided which route to take and theres even a back log in the office so add another weeks on to that! at least that is what they told me at the court. So i think its a case of settle down we are in for a long wait!! Good luck with every thing i ll keep watching this space. Nicky
  3. Hi Jmn yes think we will both be lucky if we get a court date before sept! lol. Both mentally and emotionally im shattered thanks how about you? between studying for my course and studying for this bloody claim my brain is shot! But no matter what im not giving in!!!!
  4. Thanks minijane was folowing that link just got myself a little mixed up but all sorted now. I handed in my AQ at the court today and when i got home i found i had been sent a copy of A&L's AQ bloody hell they were quick i only recieved mine the other day! one good thing though i found out i dont have to pay the fee as im a student and recieve certain benefits. The nice clerk did tell me there was a back log so would most likely be early august til i hear back from them. Does anyone think i should start getting my court bundle together now (not even sure how to do that but he) or hold off?? Nicky:?
  5. Hi Jmn I too am at Leicester county court and from what i can work out i think it often depends on the amount of the claim as to wether an allocations questionnaire is sent out. My claim is for £5000.+ and when i asked regarding the AQ i was told that for that amount i probably would have to fill one out (which i have and sent off). So maybe you wont have to! Good luck with it:) Nicky:p
  6. :| seem to be having bother filling out this allocations questionaire, in section f do i just send a copy of my charges? if so should i include what there for i.e failed direct debit? Or do i just send a copy of the draft thats listed in the allocation questionaires guide in the forums templates? sorry i must be really dumb cus im getting so confused! NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!
  7. Hi there pudkids I too have just filled in an exemption form as im a student and recieve certain tax credits and on the leaflet that came with the form it says that it should be looked at within 5 working days, u could always ring the court and just explain the time limits you have. Although if the claim is already deemed sounds like it may be already sorted.Hope that helps:| Good luck! Nicky:p
  8. Hi it looks good to me and yes the address is correct, dont expect to get the statements until the very end, as in the 40th day because as you will know doubt findout in due course A&L like to drag things out slowly! Good luck with your claim:) Nicky:p
  9. Hi jmn My notice of transfer said the same thing but when i spoke to a gentleman at the court he asked how much my claim was for and when i told him £5000+ he said the judge would more than likely request one! so if your claim is for less you may not have to fill one in:) I spoke to them yesterday too and they told me that there is a good couple of weeks back log, so even when i send this questionaire back ive still got to wait a few weeks til i receive a court date. Any one know if i need to get any paper work ready to send with it, ive sent copies of my charges to both the court and to wraggs but unsure if i need to send anything else with the questionaire?? Good luck jmn keep me posted:D
  10. Hi all well at last things seem to be moving a little bit anyway, an allocations questionaire came through my door this morning and has got to be back in by 17th july. Ive been really good and read up on how to fill it in etc just wondered what tends to happen now is it a waiting game again???? Nicky:?
  11. Hi Jenny if your out there not spoke in a while just wanted to say well done for standing your ground in the court The news reports will hopefully put more pressure on the banks WELL DONE!!
  12. Hi dont be daft ur not thick thats me! yes their are links to the templates but not sure what they are but you can find them this way; at the top of this screen under the please donate sign is a box, click on the bit that says The Bank Action Group- against unlawful bank charges, once on that page scroll down til you see the section called Template library theres loads of things in there so just find the one you need:-| Hope that helps Nicky:p
  13. sorry forgot this bit, reject their offer they always make silly offers at first as i guess some have accepted it. There are some rejection templates on the main page too!
  14. Hi Paul im at about the same stage as you ive had my claim transfered to court but still awaiting a date. If you spend some time reading some of the threads on this forum especially those on the main page (sorry not sure how to attach links) they will explain what is likely to happen now. There are several people at this stage and plenty of clever people willing to give advice and encouragement:) If you have a read of my thread it may help as theres links on there on the court bundle and allocations questionaire. Hope that helps Good luck ! Nicky:D
  15. Hi all ive been eagerly reading all the threads and the news as to whats been happening with those who have had their court date and it seems that at least things are moving again! Seems so long since any one has won a case or even got further than just a court date:) Well done all of you!!!! I telephoned my local court today (Leicester) as i have heard nothing and was told that an allocation questionaire would most likely be sent out to me within the next week or so! so i guess not every court has got rid of them. So i ll carry on twiddling my thumbs i guess and reading threads. Nicky
  16. Thanks you so much for answering me:p Think its all this hanging around not used to it. Yes i will give the court a call on friday as im off just to check. i havent recieved a date yet but not sure if that makes any difference. Thanks again. I been reading loads of threads lately and noticed that u give really sound advice so thanks:D Nicky:)
  17. sorry one more thing even though the man on the phone said the judge will decide if a questionaire needs to be done the letter that came with the transfer of proceedings says: without hearing it is ordered that the filing of an allocation questionaire be dispensed with in this case unless the district judge at court of transfer orders otherwise** ** an allocation fee may be payable in this instance please contact the court On that should i contact court again to find out when it needs paying or just sit and wait!:?
  18. Hi all I recieved a letter this morning regarding transfer to local court which apparently is Leicester County Court. I telephoned the court and spoke to a nice man who said there was nothing i could do at the min until a judge had looked at the paper work and then and only then will he decide if i have to complete an allocations questionaire! But he told me there is a back log. If i twiddle my thumbs anymore there will be nothing left:o this is driving me insane:shock: Just wanted to check some thing with everyone or anyone,my poc! This claim is regarding charges applied to the Alliance and Leicester account (account number #########) held by myself, Miss # and my partner Mr. # , These charges are from 03/03/2003 to 30/12/2006. This account was opened over 13 yrs ago and we believe that the charges are unfair, contrary to common law and disproportional to the banks true costs. The bank has been contacted on several occasions but does not appear to want to rectify this problem. Copies of the charges have been sent to them along with details of the interest this sum has assembled, i will be supplying further copies. The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 03/03/2003 to 30/12/2006 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgment or earlier payment at a daily rate of £1.10. This is what is on my mcol form and before it gets any further i need to know this is ok?
  19. Hi chubbas dad just wanted to say when ever im feeling a bit low i read your thread and it makes me laugh! Im sure im not the only one too! Good luck! hope mine goes as well Nicky.;-)
  20. Hi different people interprit 'particulars of claim' in different ways it seems. Some people just take that as the list of charges while others say its the statement that you put on your either mcol form or the one you hand into the court initially. So to cover both angles i would send the list of charges to everyone, better for them to have multiple copies than none! And also just look over your actual particulars of claim, just to check its all in order! ok? cannot believe ive just wrote all that when ive got a hugh hangover:smile:
  21. Hi all well still nothing in the post i feel like im just twiddling my thumbs here! Should i have contacted the court regarding this questionaire thing cus from reading other threads i know they dont always send them through the post but dont want to miss the dead line?? Thanks Nicky:confused:
  22. Hi Maryanna sorry i can not answer your question as im not that far down the line yet but think u may get lots of helpful advice if u started your own thread ! use the link at the top of the page then everyone will know its there and the advice will roll in:)
  23. HI u can change it any time up until u apply to the court as far as im aware! Some one with alot more knowledge will hopefully correct me if im wrong.
  24. I know this is going to seem a bit daft asking now but do i claim for Paid item charges??
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