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  1. opps! this is getting complicated No i have no idea how to get list of cases that bank has settled Any help very much welcome thanks Jan
  2. No never never had a court date !!!! and i completed AQ beginning of july
  3. As i have no fax machine would e mail be just as good??
  4. WELL DONE !!!!! Thats great news im sooo pleased for u. Ive got a copy of that dratf so i will send that with my n244 form, as for the faxes and calls could u let me know your time table on them so i dont mess it all up. U can pm me if u like :o in case of moles! Thanks again Nicky xx
  5. Hi Jan ive been to visit the lonely section and its all very glum:cry: but i may be joining you there soon!:-| I dont have to pay as its the judges decision to stay the case, but the judge looking at the requests is away for a few weeks so i will have to wait and see. Ive down loaded the n244 form but which draft do i attach to it as there are two????
  6. Hi mimi thanks, should i even bother applying for the stay to be lifted????? :confused: :confused:
  7. Hi all Well i was really relaxed this morning, feeling slightly hung over after my birthday celebrations last night but nice and calm then came the post with my offical notice of my case being stayed! I knew it was coming but just kept squeezing my crossed fingers together in hope that the judge would look kindley on me GUESS NOT!!! Now i know ive seen it some where, on some ones thread the template for an appeal but now ive lost it, could anyone point me in the right direction please Nicky
  8. Hi Jen Well thought i would leave the court for a week or two and if ive heard nothing then i will give them a call again, God i just dont know what to do for the best, You dont want to keep ringing and bugging them but the not knowing drives you crazy:lol: How are you doing? Good luck Nickyxx
  9. Hi Jen, Good luck with the hearing, see told you i was keeping my fingers crossed for you just hope it has the same luck in my case! And squarebob, yes i did say essay! I would love to lie and say i was oh so young but sadly no im a mature student although not that mature!
  10. Hi Jen sounds like you might be one of the lucky ones and get inthere before the stays. I can only cross EVERY THING and hope the judge looks kindly on mine but i have to say this waiting is driving me mad:D Even though im really pleased for those people who are still winning i want to be one of them, i keep thinking that if only i had done something about the charges earlier then maybe i could of been one of them but hey no point in the what if's!! Trying to complete an essay at the min which has to be in in a few weeks but each time i go on the computer i end up on this site and several hours later i think god ive done nothing! but i enjoy reading all the threads. Well enough from me any one would think im writing a letter, good luck with yours jen and i will keep my fingers crossed for you. Nicky
  11. Hi unfortunatley the answer to your question is YES!
  12. HI Mimi good job i took your advice, ive rang the court this morning as i hadnt recieved any paper work regarding the stay to be told that my case had NOT YET been stayed although it probably will be. Apparentley ive got to wait for it to come back from the judge as he's looking at each case. Funny the snotty man i spoke to before told me that my case along with all the others there had been stayed, guess he had had a lot of calls that day asking the same question! Does anyone think it would be a good idea or even if i could send some kind of letter to the judge asking him not to stay my case? This is probably my last chance!8) Thanks Nicky
  13. Still not recieved my offical stay from the courts yet, do you think it worth me giving them a call before i send off the form to try and appeal it??
  14. Hi Adams dad my advice would be to carry on as the step by step instructions suggest, yes lots of cases are being stayed (frozen) by the courts but i would still carry on, things may change and once it is sorted out you will be way up the ladder instead of being at the bottom. There are plenty of people on here who offer really sound advice and from what ive read on other threads this is the way to go:rolleyes: Hope this helps Nicky
  15. Hi Jan Sorry to hear that you got stayed i thought that people who were that far down the line were ok but i guess not! does it say on the letter how to appeal or did you just know? I hadnt even got a date so i bet the judge wont even look at mine but i could give it a go:? Getting to the stage where i feel like throwing the towel in now, this seems to have taken over my life! Im sure plenty of others feel the same. Let me know how you get on:rolleyes: Nicky
  16. Cheers mimijane your an angel! Getting really frustrated now with my claim being stayed maybe if i had been a little quicker with thing i may have had a court date and it would still been going ahead:( Thanks for all your advice, do you think the judge will pay any attention to my request?
  17. Hi mimijane in my link you mentioned about your a - z listings sorry to be a pain but where abouts is it?
  18. Hi janus yes it was verbal, i rang and asked if there was any news of a date and was told that my case along with everyone elses had been stayed due to the test case. Think im losing the plot cus i cannot find the template letters to appeal against the stay can anyone help????
  19. Thanks for that ive sent a few letters off!! Seems strange how some courts are carrying on as normal yet some of us are stuck dangling:mad:
  20. Leicester county court told me that mine was stayed too along with everyone elses thats going through there! I can feel this is going to be along wait...........................................
  21. Morning all Just wondered does any one think that i could contest the stay using the template? even though i was awaiting a court date. As a student and mother of a teenager i could really do with the money!
  22. Is this the same case for everyone? i was just waiting for a court date feels like ive just had it snatched away from me. Great more waiting!!
  23. Hi everyone ive just rang the court to see if anything was happening with my claim to be told that ALL cases were now stayed until the result of the big case at court! came as a bit of a blow really as was hoping the a&l cases would still go ahead. Any one know when this big case is supposed to be looked at again??
  24. Thanks mimijane, janus and jenny i will take your advice and stand my ground! all be it a little wobberly:| Thanks for everyone s help and advice without it im sure i would have buckled by now Nicky:)
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