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  1. I am desperately in need to help, I have to hand in my directions as soon as possible, they are already 1 month late, Can anyone help. Also T&C for Student account, business accounts and personal accounts Please, please, please
  2. Hi I am needing urgent assistance. I am trying to put a court bundle together for HSBC, but also I have been mis-sold a side product (forced to take it with a loan) Also I require Terms and conditions for business banking (if it is different) to personal banking??? I need to send it all in by tomorrow at the latest. Please can someone guide
  3. Hi I have a thread of JG69 Court Bundle, but am desperate to get it to the courts by the end of the working day and it feels like a mine field of information. What am I suppose to send in, do I just print the document out? I have also been mis-sold a side product for a loan, been recently charged at 540% per annum on one of my accounts, (equiv. to £200 per month on a £400 overdraft) and with the other bank, they changed my account so they would be able to charge on it without notification and I had a deal with Lloyds TSB with my credit card to have a deal at 5.9% for the life of the balance transfer and that has been changed to 14.9% without any notification. I need Help - urgently please.
  4. OK I now need some urgent help with this court bundle, although I am submitting late the court helper said do is as soon as possible, then I will have to explain to the judge. My hearing is very very soon. How do I put this court bundle together, do I just copy or do I need to add or take out anything. Please help anyone out there if you know and can spoon feed me to completion
  5. Very close however, I oversaw that the court accepted my directions in which I had to send in the info to the court and the bank stage, so I am now at a critical stage, having missed the deadlines by about a month???
  6. Ok I am lost, I have just read a court bundle and am not sure what I am suppose to take out or add. I feel really unintelligent here.
  7. You should be my pyscho-therapist - so calm and collecting. My eyes are popping out of my head with stress on discovery with this dilemma. Many thanks and I will be back at 10.10 after the courts open?
  8. Finally if I get a poor response from the court - is there anything I can do? oh yes and many thanks
  9. The directions are exactly the same and I have missed both of them. The first is for HSBC and the deadline was 6th July, the Lloyds was for the 16th July. I hope I haven't just messed up £7000 of reclaiming bank charges.
  10. The first one is on the 11th september, the other on the 23rd November
  11. Not that is the problem. I didn't even see that they ordered or acknowledged those directions.
  12. The directions are: were The following directions apply to this cliam: 1) each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including experts reports if the court has given permission for expert evidence to be used) on which he intends to rely at the hearing. 2) the copies shall be delivered by 4pm on the xxx july 6th 3) The original documents shall be brought to the hearing 4) Signed statements setting out the evidence of all witnesses (including expert witnesses if permission has been given to use them) on whom each party intends to rely shall be prepared and copies included in the documents mentioned in paragraph 1. This includes the evidence of the parties themselves and of any other witnesses whether or not the witnesses are going to come to court to give evidence 5) the court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date regards
  13. Hi all I have a major problem, I am tying to reclaim money back from the bank, Lloyds and HSBC - Region of £7000. I requested directions, and have just read that they issued them, without realising this, I have missed the deadline. What can I do now... Does this mean I will automatically lose. Please advise
  14. TO BANK FODDER AND MODERATOR I have just read a reuters report that Lloyds successfully won a case today in Birmingham versus Kevin Berrick for £2000 Lloyds TSB wins court challenge to fees - Yahoo! News UK I have a case for Llloyds
  15. Many thanks ellie, what were the three points at the end, was it at the end of the draft of directions or on the request section. I have to go to court to off load mine tomorrow. Oh yes, I persume you do not have to supply evidence, statements and breakdown of charges until the court have actually issued the Directions. (I mean it does not have to go within the AQ questionnaire?) JG69:-o
  16. I need some help please. I have received my Allocation Questionnarie 149. In G what do I need to write, there are so many drafts. also do I need to use draft order for directions attached to this sheet. My form needs to be in by this monday 14th May 07 and when do I ask for wasted time???
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