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  1. Well thanks Crem, you would have thought so, but I have already experienced the Kafkaesque here being told that my email with a 'Payment ID Number' was not proof of payment and did not enable them to trace the payment. And this Court thing - it isn't a judicial process, it's an enforcement hearing or something, so it isn't like there is a debtor and a creditor and the Court decides between the two of us, there is just me and the Court and the Court has already decided I haven't paid them and they aren't going to decide anything against themselves. I had better see a solicitor. At least it's only £85 so I could just pay it and argue about it later. It seems the Courts website was so crap that I failed to enter the correct code for the correct Court and paid Thames Valley Magistrates instead of the right Court but they took the payment, issued an email receipt and there was bugger all I could do about it then. TS
  2. I had a fine for speeding. I paid it online 12 months ago and received an email confirmation with a long payment ID Number. Subsequently I got further demands/threats from the Courts so I replied, I gave them the email, I rang them up etc but they said they couldn't trace the payment and needed bank details. At that point I stopped trying to help them. I didn't know which card I had used for the payment and besides it was getting ridiculous - I had a receipt from the Courts website and the Courts Accounts dept said it was no good and I didn't like being told I would have to pay twice because they had lost the money. I didn't think I would hear from them again Yesterday I had a Summons to appear in 3 weeks time with threats of Prison or Bailiffs if I didn't pay £85 before then. What do I do? How do I challenge this? the hearing is just to consider how I should pay - not to decide if I paid before or not. I have actually found the bank statement now which shows the payment (luckily I still had it) so I know I paid this fine. I urgently need to challenge this thing and am getting a bit stressed now. TIA
  3. Somerman

    Somerman vs MBNA

    Thanks, I made my own spreadsheet in the end. I see now I look at the statements that MBNA increased the interest rate several times on my account during the period. I wasn't really aware how badly I was being treated. Anyway, initial letter despatched today claiming a little less than 1k.
  4. Somerman

    Somerman vs MBNA

    Greetings. Starting with MBNA today. already have all the statements so trying to work with the advanced spreadsheet from this site. First query: The INTEREST CHARGED column - what do I enter? The monthly rate? the APR (which i don't have)? The amount in £ from the previous month? tia
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