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  1. hello all, just an update. i sent my S.A.R on 21 May, first class recorded - i have gone on to royal mail to track it, but it says: "Recorded Signed For™ items are only tracked after the item has been delivered. Depending on whether the item was sent first or second class, this may be a few days after posting. Please try again later. Information on your item is not yet available online." could this just be that it was posted a long time ago, so information for it has been removed from the system? as it was sent ages ago, surely it cant have NOT been delivered ... if it has been delivered, by my estimation 40 days have passed - so shall i go ahead and send in the next letter? i haven't actually been back here for a while - so have actually forgot which letter to send as a reminder of the 40 days being passed - anyone recall what the next step is? many thanks, smithie.
  2. PPMAN, has your 40 days gone past with natwest? or did they do it on time? if not - what did you then do? (or plan to do, if they dont )
  3. i will of course state 40 days - but reading through other threads, due to backlog of requests at barclays 45 days seems to be about right to recieve them. of course - i shall complain/write the appropriate letters should the 40 days pass. cheers smithie
  4. afternoon all today, is the day i finally decided to get back my money from barclays. i have spent the last day reading through lots of threads and information, and i feel confident of getting the ball rolling on my claim. so, first step tonight is to draft my SAR, and get that sent recorded delivery tomorrow morning. then ill play the waiting game, 45-50 days i guess is the standard. still, whatever it takes to proceed, i shall wait. most of the charges have been going on for well over 6 years anyway, so another 2 months wont make any difference!! i shall keep you all posted as it goes along and of course plan to ask amny questions when i get stuck have a good weekend all, and speak soon! all the best smithie
  5. hello great site. i am about to start compiling a list of charges (mainly overdraft) that have been taken out of my account for a number of years. a quick question; one month, i set up a standing order to go into an account that my mortgage was due to come out of. however, barclays for some reason didnt transfer the money until AFTER the mortgage direct debit had been requested (same day), and as a result i got charged £40 odd pound as a DD refusal. clearly, this is barclays fault - i had requested the money to be in on time, yet they still charged me for the DD. not only that, but that now shows (i believe) as a missed payment on my part on my mortgage. great when i had planned to remortgage after my first year (i started mortgage in august) my quesiton is, can i also claim any other sort of money back from barclays, for this widespread cost? it may not be in money but im not sure if it has on effect on my credit, etc. anyone that can shed any light - much appreciated. on a more general note, if anyone else has requested overdraft charges from barclays, please could you be so kind as to provide me with some more info - esp. with the letters. i really dont have much idea when it comes to law, and want to cover my back as much as possible and make sure my claim is valid and will be listened to. kind regards smithie
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