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  1. Thanks for the info. Will look in library again. Has anyone else been down the 'business' account claim route?
  2. Hello Fellow Fighters! Iv'e read thru forums,faqs etc but I'm still confused. I've asked for and received the listings of charges for my small business account and my personal account but which letters do I now send to request a refund for both accounts and where do I send them to? I wrote to London for the lists of charges but do I go back to them or Birmingham or, Heaven forbid, my branch? Where can I find the letters on this forum? Also, can I claim back the overdraft interest charges, the overdraft excess fees, unauthorised borrowing fees and the monthly account chargs. It's not that I a
  3. Hello I've been trawling thru the site to see if there is anyone esle with a business account and who are trying to claim the charges Back. I've read somewhere else that we claim under a different 'Act' but could anyone let me know for definite or where I can find a thread? Also, as well as claimiong back all the charges, can I claim back the interest on the overdraft charges, the unauthorised borrowing fees and also the monthly account charges. Thanks to all for anticipated replies.
  4. I've looked through FAQ and forum for ages but unable to find how much should be claimed. Do we claim the total charges or a percentage? Do we allow the bank to charge £10, £12, £15 etc for each penalty? Apologies if I've missed the answer on the site. Thanks to all who have instigated and added to this site.
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