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  1. Would appreciate some advice please from anybody-I Have a court date tomorrow (North Shields County Court) and Barclays have not bothered sending me a copy of their Court Bundle/File their documents. I wrote to the court on Monday advising them of this. Am i right in saying that the first thing i should do tomorrow in court is ask for their defence to be struck out? I am just about ready for the hearing - my bundle was served on the court and also Barclays in time to meet the deadlines set by the court and tonight will be spent 'boning up' on the argument. Any comments/adv
  2. Thanks Saintly, i am obviously getting too optimisic at this stage. I will therefore take your advice and carry on putting the bundle together for the court date and also apply to get the stay removed from my wife's claim. i thought it was too good to be true. Has anyone had a stay removed and won yet? regards, Howellwynde
  3. Just come back from 2 week holiday to a letter from my local court giving me a hearing date for my case. I was under the impression that the banks were going for 'stays' therefore am i right to be getting excited that i will be able to contact the litigation team shortly and ask them to send me my claim cheque in full??? The court date is 18th October. The funny thing is though that my wife's claim with Lloyds HAS been 'stayed' by the same court (North Shields, Tyne & Wear). Seems like a case of double standards by the court. Could it be something to do with the fact that hers is
  4. Hi Welshcakes - my AQ and the suggested New Strategy documentation is on its way with me to the Post Office as we speak. Lets hope it works. .........Now on to my wifes claim against Lloyds TSB!!!!!!!!! (another £900!)
  5. Thanks Saintly 1 - I get the idea. Its a bit daunting having to go this far but I get the impression that they probably won't turn up although I will make sure I am well prepared beforehand if they do!
  6. Hi Guys, I think my question is fairly simple - I have got to the stage with Barclays that they have issued a defence to my Money Claim Online claim and I have now received my Allocation Questionnaire but no court date yet. I notice however that many of you are calling the litigation team on the phone and getting the full amount reimbursed. At what stage do you recommend actually doing that? (If they are settling in full at this stage I will ring them immediately)
  7. Hi everbody, With the help, at first, of Martyn Lewis' site, my wife and I are in the middle of claiming for approx £1300 on our personal Barclays account and £800 on my wife's LLoyds TSB business account as well. This CAG site seems to be far more detailed as regards all the steps to go through. We are up to the 14 day stage so if we get no response will be visiting the court website to take further. We certainly have no intention of giving in and looking at the posts here it seems most people have to be patient before getting their money back. I will report back when we have n
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