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  1. Hi I submitted my court bundle on Friday and wondered what to expect now. What have others found that LLoyds do now? How long until I can expect a court date? I know I have done all I can now but it is completely out of my hands and rather scary. Thanks mommy1 aka natalie
  2. Hi Sam Going to tackle the legal arguments part of the bundle on monday when my little man is at grandma's for the night! Would appreciate some more details on the 2 items you mentioned. Thanks Natalie
  3. Hi Fred My case is the usual one regarding their charges, £2800 in total! I am currently working on my court bundle to submit by next friday. my case will be heard in Birmingham but fortunately with a different judge to the one case that lost. still, that has made me prepare well. I think my old current account with TSB ended up as a select when LLoyds and TSB merged as this seems to be their basic account. Cheers Natalie
  4. I am currently waiting for a court date in my battle with lloyds. I know I have seen threads asking for their terms and conditions. This link will take you straight to them! Lloyds TSB - Select Account Hope this helps! Natalie AKA mommy1
  5. I have had one sucessful claim for £325 and my other case for £2800 is currently in the court process. I will keep the forum up to date with my second claim but here's hoping!
  6. Hi I have just joined and was looking for reassurance. I am in the court process with Lloyds for £2800 and your story has helped lots! Well done and enjoy the spending! Natalie
  7. hi I have 2 accounts with lloyds. I sucessfully won £325 with no argument for the one account. The other account totals £2800 and I have gone to court with Moneyclaim. Has anyone else either used moneyclaim or won with Lloyds? Going to court is scary and i would appreciate other peoples comments. Thanks natalie
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