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  1. I feel sorry for Kate now, poor woman will have no peace. (Ha-Ha) Well done on your win.
  2. Hi Bookworm I had the same happen to me and wrote them a letter in Sept they today refunded back £90, to say I was suprised is an understatement. Wonder if I ask for the money on my claim that is stayed they would be as quick to pay that. Me thinks not!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi Archer I have successfully had my money back from BC before I recieved a court date. If you PM me I will give you the details.
  4. Egg today paid out £190 so that is my claim settled in full. Many thanks to all the above for there help and assistance.
  5. Just like to keep you on your toes Bookworm Many thanks again.
  6. Many thanks all when I get 5 mins will do all of the above. egg card have also paid out as well today mind you that was £190. So I'm having a good week.
  7. Hi All Barclaycard today paid £1522 into my bank so thats me finished with them 5 days from e mail to payment. See previous thread for details.
  8. Not what your spreadsheet states, so is it your error or theirs. You need to re look at the info you have posted.
  9. Hi Andy On my claim from Amex which was successful, I claimed only the 8% interest. Looking at your figures they appear to have paid you out the difference between,what you were charged and what they are charging now. The letter you have recieved is fairly standard. If I was you I would send them a letter excepting as partial payment and continue for the full ammount owed. I make your charges £425.00 + (8% = £63.55) = £488.55 total to claim. Amex have paid you so far £320.55, so they still owe you £168.00
  10. Hi Paintball I did not even have a court date, just a stay by the local court and they settled with me and paid it by BACS as well. Good Luck
  11. Here you go this is what I sent them just tweak for your needs. Think it is ok to send LBA as well if not someone will correct me. Barclaycard, Customer Relations Department, 1234 Pavillion Drive, Northampton NN4 7SG Dear Sirs ACCOUNT NUMBER: Ref your recent offer Thank you for your recent offer of £ ***** as a gesture of goodwill, I must inform you that I will not be accepting this offer. As outlined in my earlier correspondence I explained that the charges you have applied to my account are contrary to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. Further or in the alternative, I believe that your charges are a Penalty. Penalty charges are irrecoverable at common law. The precedent for this was Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage and Motor co Ltd [1915] AC 79.along with Murray v. Leisure play [2005] EWCA Civ 963 Although in my original letter I informed you that I would start legal proceedings within 14 days, as a gesture of goodwill I will give you an extra 7 days to refund £ ***** by cheque as I no longer use this account and wish it to be closed. If this is not done within the 7 days, I will be forced to start legal proceedings, you will receive no further warnings. Yours Sincerely
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