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  1. This is not what I was told when I was interviewed under caution a few years ago. At the interview I was first given the caution then the PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act), interview and tape recording procedures were fully explained to me and then I was asked:- a) If I wanted a recording of the interview and / or b) If I wanted a transcript of the interview recording I asked for both and two weeks later I received both. I advise anyone to get both because whoever wrote out the transcript actually got a few things muddled up from the original recording!! The
  2. Same here .... CCA sent to Marlin in May 2013
  3. I also received Statement of Account from Marlin this week. But I am still waiting for agreement from CCA request which I sent them in May
  4. Hello, I know three people who have just ignored the letters ........... they all got sent more letters but after a time it just goes quiet and they have heard nothing else. My personal advice is ..... Do not contact them. Do not give them any information. Look here ... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?288116-Demands-from-Parking-enforcement-companies-advice-and-template Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
  5. Apex are incredible!!!! Brilliant They recently sent me a six page letter explaining why I should pay them and giving pages and pages of reasons mentioning Judge Waksman case ................ Only small problem for them is .......................... hidden away on page three they have written "Lloyds Banking Group have confirmed that they are unable to supply you with a copy of your agreement. Hence as you have not been provided with a copy of your agreement your debt cannot be enforced through the courts" He He ..... Thank you Apex. Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
  6. Hi, I received the same letter as in Post 70 from Apex in mid December ......... near enough word for word ............ and mine involved Lloyds as well!! I also took them to task about their operative putting the phone down on me during a call ........ he was trying to get me to answer security questions ...... bless him ...... I have been at this game five years now so he had no chance of me answering his questions ...... Surprise surprise they write that apparently their phone systems malfunctioned just as he mouthed "this is a ridiculous waste of time" and the lines disconnected
  7. I would not worry too much ................... I have about 50 letters (some marked Letter Before Action) from various DCA's and OC's saying legal action will be taken in 14 / 21 etc etc days ........ none have yet ...... even after four years! Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
  8. Lloyds are as hopeless as the other banks. I have had letters from a DCA saying Lloyds are dealing with my CCA request which they got in June 2010. But last week got a letter from Lloyds saying I have seven days to pay full balance or they will start legal action!!! Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
  9. Nice one Debt Star, Another DCA bites the dust ............. but more will follow!!!!! Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
  10. Hello BB, Right ...... all understood re the signature. When I put BC on this thread I meant Barclaycard ...... not B Carter!!! He is on three of my other threads but I have seen him (or at least Fredrickson International) off on two of those now. They have returned the accounts to OC. Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
  11. Hello BB, Right .... I hear what you say ........but there is no signed agreement. However at the present time no legal action has been started (mainly I suppose because of my financial situation that they jolly well know about and that I rent where I live) ..... ..... plus I have no spare cash to pay them and as said above they have sent me no docs plus are adding interest. So I will start some complaints to FOS / ICO ......... but what should my stance be with BC ...... as it has been ..... i.e. The Truth ..... Just tell them no cash / CCCS stopped my DMP as they know and rec
  12. Returned card to BC in 2006 ...... cut into four ...... attached to my charity DMP notification.
  13. Hello Debt Star, Not involved the FOS yet as I wanted to collect as much ammo as possible against BC. Hello Bazooka Boo, Just to clear things here ......... I had a BC ordinary card (from approx 16 years ago) then approx 10 years ago BC sent me a priority application to upgrade the card ......... I never signed it or sent it back (I still have it - no prescibed terms etc) but I phoned them and said I would like the upgrade and the card arrived ten days later ....... old card account closed ...... new upgraded card opened ...... nothing signed .......... so am I on safe ground there?
  14. Update .... I sent letter to Fredrickson International explaining account in dispute with Egg as they have not responded to my CCA request. Also added that as Fredrickson International have now sent me a letter headed Letter Before Action that this account is now sub judice and I will commence a complaint with OFT if Fred Int contact me for any other reason than service of papers or reply to my current letter. Their reply is:- We have closed our file and returned account to client. Onwards and Upwards Chalkitup
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