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  1. Citicards have over 50 claims now they are dealing with apparently. It came up at my hearing on Monday.
  2. just signed up for a free online experian report. I knew that the Citi default had gone from equifax, but Experian refused to remove it about a year ago. Thought I'd just add a bit more to my paperwork and wanted even more proof (although I knew I didn't need it) that my account is close, discharged and settled. Bizarrely, I was pleased to see it still on there and boy isn't fate funny - at the time I was cursing Experian for refusing to remove it, but now I'm quite pleased in a weird way! It shows the DCA Citi transferred it to, the exact amount that was transferred (which tallys with the amount on my last statement from Citi) and, in nice big black letters SATISFIED When the solicitor tried to say I shouldn't be claiming because I had a debt with them, I told the judge that the account had been transferred to an agency, settled and that I had a letter. The Judge really pressed the solicitor and asked if he accepted that this account was closed and fully discharged. He had to say yes. Because it is the truth. Made sure I printed it out to put with my letter of satisfaction just in case it magically disappears........
  3. Correct. They know they can't transfer to Salford, they are just trying it on.
  4. Well, I have just dragged myself away from my revision (it wasn't hard to be honest!) and I decided to check out Citi's claim in the hearing today that I have claimed too much.They reckon it is 13 lots of £25. I say it is 15 lots of £25. Guess who is correct
  5. Thought I'd share this little thing that happened today. Went into the Abbey (who I have 2 claims against!) to pay in my full settlement cheque of £467 from Capital One. 'ooooh, that's a big cheque from Capital One' she said 'you must have overpaid them a lot'!! Erm, yes, I replied..... 'so, had you closed the account with them?' No, I said.....it's refunded charges..........(quick holding of breath in case there was anything on her screen about my Abbey claims that set bells and whistles blowing!) 'Wow....good for you' was her reply 'they stung me last month. The statement arrived when I was on holiday and they won't accept a payment over the phone. It was a day late because I had to do it through internet banking' 'Aaaah' I said 'phone them up, ask for it to be refunded. If they offer you half of the charge , ask to speak to a manager. As they have to transfer you from India to England, they will refund a one off charge' 'thankyou' she said. And grinned. 'No problem' I said.......and left the bank knowing I had done my good deed for the day spreading the word a little.......
  6. No doubt they will appeal, but I can't see the Judge being impressed at having it back in front of him again so I doubt it would be granted. They might as well send the cheque to me as to the court.........there really is no difference it seems......
  7. Ok guys!!!!! Hello and I'm back!!! Still calming down and have just got back from banking a cheque from Capital One after they sent full and final settlement. :D Well, what can I say! A local solicitor (non Citi) attended. He asked if we could go into a little room first to talk. He said it was up to me if I told him anything, but did I want to talk about the amount outstanding on my account - the cheeky thing!!! I told him that my account is settled (just highlighting that for Brian) and that I have a letter to prove it. He then said he noticed I had received a stay with my Abbey claim. I said yes I had and that I had handed in the paper work to the court to request the stay be set aside. He tried to sound very helpful and said was there anything I wanted to ask We went in and the Judge was fantastic. He seemed clued up, and helpful. The solicitor who was there on their behalf admitted in as many words that Citi must have received the court claim but in all probability it had become lost in their system. They also tried to raise the matter of my outstanding debt on the account which we were able to prove had been settled. They also tried to refer directly to my Abbey case and many other cases which have been stayed pending a test case. they also tried to refer to lickthewallfatboy's case. He tried to say that I was claiming £50 too much and really tried to labour this point but the judge was having non of it. He also said my claim was for re-imbursement of the full amount of default charges when clearly a default charge was valid. However, the Judge accepted my arguments that to stay would be unreasonable and unjust. I confirmed that I have requested a breakdown/justification of citi's actual costs and substantiation of the £25 charge which Citi have refused to provide. The Judge decided that Citi had acted correctly in applying for the set aside and that there was a case to answer and ordered: That the judgement be set aside That Citi pay into court the whole amount of the judgement debt within 14 days (yep, the whole amount, they have to send a cheque to the court) That Citi file and serve a defence within a further 14 days (no stay granted) And they have to provide a breakdown of their charges No order as to costs (cheeky solicitor tried to start talking about his costs. The Judge said something like he hoped he wasn't going to try to claim costs, as it was Citi who had requested the hearing! ) It was clear from the bundle Citi's solicitor had that Brian Smith is accessing all information on the website and in fact the solicitor had print outs of comments I had made on the site on Citi and other claims I am making.(which really doesn't bother me) He read out the comment on my thread about the order regarding my Abbey stay. I have today requested this to be set aside and informed the judge of this (and told the Judge that as well) All in all, very good outcome. They have to pay ALL the money to the court, they have to put a defence in, their application for a stay was denied and they have to provide me with a full breakdown of how their charges are made up. To quote the Judge 'because that's what you really want.......isn't it........ '
  8. Martin3030, will PM you. I am back. All I will say publicly at this point is that ANYTHING you say on here about ANY of your claims will try to be used by Citi. And the chances are, they know full well about this thread as they repeated verbatim a quote from my Abbey thread about my stay with them, which means they had searched my threads I have contributed to by my user name. However, I have PM'd Bankfodder to let him know the outcome I won't say any more for now
  9. MA in Media and Culture. When I get my court date to face Brian for my full hearing I would have no qualms in inviting the press along to speak to him about his 'commercially sensitive' figures........
  10. No, a solicitor from Ireland attended (unless he was there but didn't make himself known?) Sadly I won't be celebrating tomorrow night as i'm on the final countdown to my exam I'm sitting on Friday which is a MUCH scarier situation than tomorrow so I will be reading all about computer culture, mass media and some airy fairy stuff about space, image, network, place and time :? !!!! Friday night though will be quite an evening I think after everything this week!
  11. oooh, I want him as well!!!! If Brian (typed Brain then, quickly changed it) goes to see Empire, I guess I will get the other chappy? Is it Dave? Travers? Travis? I think he is at Reading?
  12. Blimey Gizmo, that is some strong stuff you are on this Sunday afternoon... ....can I have some?????!!!!
  13. No problem gizmo - I'll report back!! Yes, as far as I know, Empire's hearing is still going ahead. I wonder who will get Brian - me or Empire!!
  14. It is at 10.30am with a 30 minute slot allocated. Depends on how many other cases also allocated to that morning as to whether I go in on time, but will update tomorrow, hopefully late afternoon. I'm juggling this with my Abbey stay application paperwork which I'll be handing in to the court tomorrow (handy timing - saves the stamp!!) as well as my revision for my end of year Masters exam on Friday. My brain is almost fried!!
  15. Well, the outfit is chosen and the notes are ready to type up later today. All my paperwork is put together and I am ready to face either Mr Smith or whoever he sends tomorrow. I have been extremely well briefed by Bankfodder and I will be at Court for 10.30 in the morning. Other than that.........I say no more..........;-)
  16. Hi Andrea. I'm in court tomorrow for a set aside and stay hearing for Citicards. My thread is keren29 v citicards, I will update the thread after the hearing as it might give you some pointers, whichever way it goes. My OH is preparing notes today for me as he knows the small claims courts. He has a few interesting points he is going to include for me on both the set aside and the stay. check out my thread tomorrow, I'll hopefully update late afternoon.
  17. Good morning. 24 hours to go and counting!! Is there a link to the OFT report on the site anywhere? Or the relevant parts regarding the £12.00 figure they quote? thankyou!
  18. That is excellent - many thanks zootscoot. I am really up for Monday for my set aside/stay hearing!!!
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