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  1. aaah, he's trying the same line with you as with me. He said he was monitoring the site in his application for the set aside to the court and that was the only reason that he knew about my claim.......funnily enough though in court, the solicitor who attended admitted that they 'had to have received the claim' when pressed by the judge....and of course, if they didn't know about my claim, how could they know how much I was claiming and then try to say I was claiming the wrong amount!!
  2. Hey - LTWFB - you are in the first entry!! Have to confess Googling my full name gives me the top 8 hits!!! (but I have got an unusual name!!) I've also googled the actor Brian looked like in my dream and it is Nigel Terry. He was a support role in Spooks. Looks a bit like Richard Harris!!
  3. I've had a dream about Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dreamt last night I went to court for my hearing and he was there (he looked like a character in an old episode of Spooks I was watching last night!!) He gave me a letter with a tear off cheque . The cheque was for £750. When I tried to tell him it was too much, he just waved me away and said 'not a problem, there's a bit extra there for you for all the inconvenience.......' I think I need a holiday.........
  4. I had my second claim stayed last week. I've put in a second N244 form. Same judge, same wording. Still waiting to hear about the first stay. I was thinking. My first claim, including interest and costs is £700 and it has been dragging on for months. Does anyone think it is worth approaching the new Abbey solicitors and trying to get it settled in some way? So many other people seem to be getting thousands and thousands returned who started after me!! Any thoughts anyone?? Of course, hopefully both stays will be removed, but it has all ground to a mind-numbingly slow halt.
  5. You'd think they would bite the bullet, pay in the money, submit the defence and take it forward. I expect they are trying to get the information categorised as 'secret' in some way so they don't have to give it to me.
  6. No money received by the court (unless it was paid in today and then it will show tomorrow) Citicards have written to the court and it has been referred to the District Judge today. Guess they weren't happy with one Judge's decision, and they want to try it with another.......
  7. Mine is only £375 plus interest and costs. A tiny amount they have more than likely spent more on so far. £65 on the hearing, a morning of an external solicitor plus his to prepare time so far. Add in to that the time they have to spend putting in a defence, plus the work done by Brian already and then I will have a full hearing again at some point where they will need to send a solicitor again. Madness.
  8. Not unless it arrives in the post with the court today............I will be on the phone at 10am Tuesday to see if it was paid in on time.
  9. I didn't have an account number and they found all the information, no problem. Good luck - another one joins the fight!!
  10. ooooooh, amethystdragon, it must be soooo tempting to go and have a little chat with Brian.......
  11. Clock is ticking............hope they include the daily interest on the cheque they have to send......
  12. Just called the court as haven't had the order yet. The court haven't yet got around to sending it out. However. I checked and double checked with the court and this does not mean that Citi don't have to do what the Judge ordered just because they haven't got the order yet. Because they were represented at the hearing, they still HAVE to have ALL the money with my court by 4.00pm Monday. Just in case they thought that not having the order might let them get away with not doing as the Judge requested........ ..........playing the ignorance card etc.........
  13. I expect they are looking to come up with a 'cunning plan' not to give it to me.....
  14. They have to have all the money I am claiming paid into the court by the end of next Monday. They then have another 14 days to submit the defence and produce the breakdown of the costs.
  15. That is appalling. Absolutely appalling. That leaves us open to ID theft. They aren't allowed to give account/address details to other people. Report them. Strongly.
  16. Submitted my application for the stay to be removed last Monday. received 2 letters from the Abbey yesterday about the change in solicitors.
  17. Hi - don't worry. Brian is sending that letter to everyone trying to put them off. He can't have the case transferred to Salford as Citi is a company and the claimant, as an individual will have the case heard at their own home court. PM Martin3030 if you need any advice on the wording as Citi monitor these threads (and print them out and then try to - unsuccessfully - use parts of them in hearings, as I know to my experience) lickthewallfatboy will also be able to help with what is currently happening.
  18. Associates officially became Citicards on 11 April 2003 (it is on my May 2003 statement). Citicards will have your Associates details on their files.
  19. Excellent news - been looking forward to seeing the next eagerly anticipated stage rolling into action!!!
  20. Good grief.........Mercantile for £40?!!! I'd bet this will be settled very very fast!!
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