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  1. Time to tackle the old Evans card! Paid off in full about three years ago, but there will be late fees etc from the years before it was paid off. SAR sent a couple of days ago.
  2. remember when I had that dream that Brian looked like Jonny Vegas????????!!!!!!!!
  3. My hearing is due for this Thursday I called Inga Kirkmam on 020 775 64398 I just said that I wondered if she had received the emails as the hearing was now very close (she hadn't). She was happy to agree on the phone to re-calculate the interest and I asked about preparation time. She just said she felt that 35 hours was a little high but was verbally prepared to offer 12 hours per claim at £9.50 per hour, and would email me today with the figures, put a letter in the post and make the payment to my account as soon as possible. Today if she could or in the morning if not. She was very friendly.
  4. Phoned Inga - she was great! She didn't get any of my emails OR the voicemail and was glad I had called. She is calculating the extra interest now. I asked about preparation time and she felt 35 hours per claim was a little high, but was willing to offer 12 hours at £9.50 per claim, so an extra £228! The money should clear on Thursday, but I'll just askthe Judge for a 7 day adjournment if it hasn't. I would urge people to ring her - they can't reply to yahoo or hotmail addresses and thinks this is why mine had not reached her or James. she was great - very amiable.
  5. i've sent the same email 5 times now and left a voicemail on Friday over the issue of the 8% interest wrongly calculated by them and have heard nothing. I'm going to call them as the hearing is Thursday.
  6. My turn soon. I've already met the Judge who is overseeing all the cases at Poole when I went to have an Abbey stay removed and I already know his feelings on the subject With both my claims with the Abbey now settled, which were also due at the same hearing date, just Brian's mob to go now.
  7. I'm a 22nd. See you there Brian for my £375! Abbey have paid up on both claims in the last 48 hours so it is just Brian's lot now.
  8. hi Sam, I was 10 days away from my court date. It has taken since last June/July to sort!
  9. Abbey wrote yesterday and are settling both claims! Just the obstinate little so and so's at Citi!
  10. Fab, thankyou both. It still hasn't sunk in yet that I've won! The letter reference ends ICK, so I'm guessing it is Ingrid.
  11. The Abbey want to settle both my claims in full - wwoooooohooooo!!! However, on my big claim, they have calculated the daily interest from 1 Feb 2007 instead of the 1 August 2006 and it is about £100 short!! There is no phone number or email address on the letters - who can I ring/email? Is it someone called Ingrid??
  12. No bundles received from Abbey and the deadline was 4.00pm today. Hopefully the next stage will be a letter of offer or a phone call.
  13. You are correct in that, I do on occasion settle cases when I deem it uneconomical to attend a faraway court or when I deem it a tactical issue. Interesting comment from Brian, basically he picks and chooses what to settle because it is too much effort?
  14. Bundles for both claims now gone to court and solicitors. See what happens between now and the 22nd!
  15. well done!! My submission date is the 7th for the 22nd in court, and I have both claim hearings on that date, so I'm hoping that in just under 3 weeks I will be celebrating!
  16. Cheers Karn - i'm ok with the rest of it, I just didn't know about the number of pages bit. Should have both claim bundles off to the courts and solicitors today or tomorrow. Just Citi to package up then. How close to the court date are Abbey waiting at the moment after they get the bundles? I guess I should be getting a bundle for each claim from them as well?
  17. BUMP!!! Want to start posting these off in the next 24-48 hours. What do I put as the xx pages number in the Statement of Truth?
  18. YEP, need help now! I've sorted all the rest out, but for this bit Statement of Truth I believe the facts stated within this Witness Statement to be true and exhibit Exhibits [KJF1] comprising of xx pages. What do I put as the xx pages number? Is it the total number of pages in my bundle?
  19. ooh, hang on, I've just seen your link Karnevil about witness statements. I'll have a look that that!
  20. BUMP!! I need to include witness statements for both court bundles and time is starting to get short. I have everything else photocopied etc etc. I have the outline of one, but I need to know what else to add. This is what I have so far (it is all laid out correctly etc, this is just the 'content'). Now, in the 'requests' part, do I put a line about wanting my charges returned? Or is that bit already covered by the fact that I'm claiming???? I, XXXXXXX of xx xx xx xx will say as follows:- 1. I am the Claimant is this case. 2. I make this Witness Statement in support of my claim for the return of excessive penalty charges as outlined in my particulars of claim. 3. I make this Witness Statement from information and facts within my own knowledge and which I believe to be true. 4. On the 6 July 2006 I filed with Poole County Court a claim against the respondent for the return of excessive penalty charges as outlined in my particulars of claim. My requests a. Standard disclosure. And b. The Respondent to file at the court office and serve to me with a list setting out how charges have been calculated no later then 4 weeks after the allocation. c. I understand that it is in the courts discretion to do so.
  21. Wonder if Brian will come to you, me or EmpireStrikesBack on the 22nd??!! Busy day for Citicards if they still don't want to settle beforehand!
  22. Mine is an Associates account. I wrote to Citicards and they had no problem finding the statements. Good luck.
  23. I'll see you there then! Well, I probably won't see you there, the Abbey will hopefully settle both my claims and Cahoot and Barclays will settle yours. I predict it will just be me and Citicards, with them fighting over not wanting to refund me the princely sum of £375!
  24. cheers, gang. I'll take out the WP letter and do a witness statement. Is there a standard one anywhere on the site? I put witness statement into the search and it brought up loads of threads with the word 'statements' in!
  25. Also......as well as needing to know if I need a witness statement, in the correspondence, do I include or exclude the letter from DLA Piper which is headed 'Without Prejudice - Save As to Costs'?
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