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  1. I don't think it really matters - as long as what you have been sent shows the charges this will be fine.
  2. About 500 cases across South Wales have been transferred to Cardiff County Court on 14th August. Is this why you asked - are you included in this 500? My case was due for that date but Lloyds TSB have already settled.
  3. Oh my god! What fantastic news for you both - for god's sake make sure you do the lottery this weekend as luck run's in three's!! Congratulations!
  4. Thanks everyone and good luck to you all! Can anyone help me get my title changed to show ***WON***?
  5. no - my letter was dated 19th June and I got it on the following saturday (23rd). I did get a letter on Friday (22nd) stating they were defending my claim and this was also dated the 19th. Most people seem to get these two letters on the same day but mine got separated by a day. Sent settlement letter back this monday and had the money today. Did phone them today so don't know if this helped (probably not) but (being a girl and being impatient) I certainly would phone them especially in your case. Good luck.
  6. Brilliant - well done - aren't we clever - and rich (ish/er)!! Enjoy your money - I'm going to!
  7. Hi - sorry to hijack your thread but no-one seems to be answering mine - can you claim back the £16 overlimit charge or not? Please advise. Also if you can where do I find the letters to request copy statements etc. (the egg forum is not as straightforward as the Lloyds TSB one or it may just be that I am snowblind from having been on that forum for so long!) Any advise please!! Thanks
  8. Congratulations Mattyb. I had mine today too! Doesn't it feel great. Well done and enjoy your evening out.
  9. Hi furrypest - had settlement letter on Saturday, sent it off on Monday and money in my account today. Think it varies a lot but you should get it any day.
  10. Update - faxed copy of my AQ, N244, Court letter allowing me to add interest to my claim and acceptance letter to SCM first thing on Monday. Posted originals to them by Special Delivery just to make sure!! I know I'm paranoid. Phoned them today playing dumb but really trying to hassle them to pay me and asked what the next stage is - do they send me a new settlement letter or do I just wait for payment. He said they won't send me a new settlement letter as no need but that I will probably receive two separate payments into my account - one for the original settlement figure and one for
  11. All of the cases in South Wales have been transferred to Cardiff (expert judge there) for 14th August - I think I read somewhere that 500 cases have been transferred.
  12. Hi Nightowl, just thought I'd pop in and say that I don't think they amount of your claim will be a problem - they've just offered me £5000 plus interest and charges so look forward to spending your money - I certainly am! Good luck Sam
  13. Thanks Nic - that sounds much better. I don't mind agreeing to their conditions as I don't plan on using that account any more other than for DD's. Our wages etc and other payments are going out of another account so should be quite easy to manage. Can I ask for a bit more advice please - do you think that if they say no then they will take back their original offer and we could end up with nothing? My husband is convince we should take the money and run as we're not lucky people and he's worried we'll lost this offer. Thanks again, Sam
  14. Have thought about it and our inital decision is to accept their offer without the interest however, have decided to send them this letter to see if they will increase their offer: "Thank you for your letter dated 19th June 2007 offering full settlement of my claim. I am prepared to accept your offer of paying me the full amount that I am claiming plus interest of £68.95 and court costs of £220 however, there is a discrepancy over the amount that I am claiming. On 5th June 2007 I filed a form N244 with Swansea County Court to include interest for the whole of the claim period which amou
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