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  1. In response to rebel11, the CCA Request may prove me wrong but I'm pretty sure there is no PPI element in this, I never took out PPI as it always seemed like a rip-off from the start. Too many exclusions...
  2. Thanks again andyorch, I know you do a lot and I wasn't expecting you to do it personally but I figured you'd know a man who does... Or it could even be a lady... I saw the comment above about possibly being MBNA and that rang a bell, I did have a loan with them but that is one of the few I did manage to pay off in full. I shall just have to wait and see what the CCA request draws out of the woodwork.
  3. Hi andyoch, thanks for the reassurance. As a member of the site team you ought to know that when the site auto-links terms like "I need to do a set aside" or "you need to do a set aside" or "how do I do a set aside" it links to the CCJ set aside which tells you to submit form N244. Can I respectfully suggest someone needs to look into that? It caused me a lot of worry and wasted time.
  4. Okay, I'm finally steeling myself to go to the Court tomorrow so have been studying the forms. I think there's a problem. The auto-link feature which links the words "set-aside" on this site to another page of explanation seems to be sending me to the wrong information. What I end up with is a form N244 from the Commercial Court of the Royal Courts of Justice. It looks fiendish which is why perhaps I have taken so long to force myself to deal with it. However, if I Google for "statutory demand set aside" I find an entirely different page of explanation here: hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/loc011-eng.pdf This form is quite explicitly the one I need and it sends me to the Insolvency Service web site to download forms 6.4 and 6.5. So that's what I'm planning to do. These forms apparently do NOT require court fees while the other one says the fee is £60 (which I don't have at present). So this is quite serious. Am I doing something wrong??? (Aside from the fact it won't let me post links which kinds of defeats me)
  5. Okay, for clarity, I'm filling in the CCA Request form with Lowell as the "creditor" but I'm posting it to their solicitors (as UncleB said). I'll add a covering letter to them. I note they have 12 working days to reply while I only have 18 calendar days. Their deadline is a week later than mine so I won't be able to cite non-compliance on my set-aside request.
  6. Oleg and CQ, thank you. It could well be MBNA, I'm pretty sure I had one of those. They don't appear on my Experian report from June 2009, so I presume they had already sold it on to someone else who then sold it to Equidebt who sold it to Lowell. There may have been others before that! MBNA has long since received enough money to make them satisfied or they wouldn't have sold it in the first place. As you say, the original paperwork may not exist any more.
  7. Thank you, UB67. Will do. Thank you, G_N. I like your style, please tell me more about complaining about them! However, I thought not responding to a CCA was one of the grounds for requesting a set-aside? So don't I have to do that first, give them the time and then do the set-aside?
  8. Someone has just personally delivered a Statutory Notice from a law firm acting for Lowell Portfolio, so I know I have 18 days from today. Not sure when that takes me to - is it working days or calendar days? The form states the original creditor is Equidebt who I am fairly sure I have never taken out any credit cards or loans with. So I think they bought the debt themselves. I don't recognise the actual amount stated (I have an old Experian report from June 2009) so I'm guessing there may be charges added on. The default date stated is 13 October 2008 and I don't recognise that either. I see from other cases that I should submit a form requesting details of the debt and copies of anything I might have signed. I presume I send that to the law firm, to Lowell and to Equidebt? I have addresses for the law firm and Lowell, but not for Equidebt although the paperwork does give and "original account number" from them. Do I contact anyone and say anything else in the meantime? I think I'm going to need step-by-step guidance here! Anyone up for it? I've looked round the site and read as much as I can. Sad to see this is a common problem and embarrassed to post this as a new thread but done so as everyone's case is slightly different and it's no good me following good advice for someone else if it is not relevant to me! Hope I've posted this in the right place.
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