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  1. If you call them and you get someone helpful, they should be able to have this reinstated over the phone. I used to work for Abbey and i could usually tell why accounts were suspended etc and tell people over the phone. I can't remember timescales etc, but if you haven't used your account for a while then to reactivate it you need to make 3 seperate deposits into the acc. 3 of a pound would do it over 3 days. That reactivates it. Most things can be done over the phone, but the company don't really want to help you. If your not getting anywhere with the person your talking to, hang up and call back you will probably get someone who gives a monkeys.
  2. Hey there, I used to work for the Abbey and they cannot refuse to send you statements. Usually if you call them and request them they would send them out. When you would get them is another matter entirely. They don't actually want to help you. If you call they will probably try to sell you another Abbey product. That is their main business and there is a lot of pressure on the staff to sell. They need to keep their call times down so that they can answer calls from people they may get sales from, so they will probably not be willing to listen to you. I got harassed constantly from my bosses because i actually wanted to help people, but they didn't approve. Their head office is in Glasgow where i was based. Letters going to St Vincent Street are more likely to get dealt with as that is their main base of operations. Oh and another quick note. If you call Abbey about your account and get put through to an overseas call centre, you can request to speak to someone in the UK. They can do it and they should do it as it is your right.
  3. I have a loan with Nationwide at the moment which my mum is kindly helping me to pay. I owe her a fortune. The bank just put 70 quid in charges on my account, then an insurance sum of 4 pounds came out and they are now going to charge me a further 35. It was them who made me o/d in the first place. Until they took the charges, i had enough money to pay the insurance!! I'm so stuck. The truth is, that i'm massively depressed and this is just adding further stress i don't need. I'm going to have my benefit put into another account but this just delays the inevitible. I'm still going to have to pay them eventually.
  4. Thanks for your input. I took letter of appropriation to the bank and guess what? They have never heard of it! I explained my situation and why they couldn't take my benefit and they woman looked at me like i was something she stepped on. She refused to help and barely looked at the letter.She then said that i would have to call the bank, so gave me a number to call. She then kindly let me use the phone in the bank. On the phone they told me i shouldn't be going o/d and that i should cancel my direct debits to stop this! What kind of solution is that?!! If i do that my bills don't get paid and i then end up being chased bydebt collectors as well as owing money to the bank. I was then given another number to call, which then put me in hold, then in a line to have my call answered. I gave up after 30mins. No one wants to help and i am now well and truly stuck. Everyone says the right of appropriation is rubbish.
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