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  1. I have been being chased by Lowell since the beginning of the year for an old Cap One debt. I have CCA'd them and got back a badly copied applicaiton form, all had been quiet, and foolishly I left it at that, Until this week, I receive a letter from RED re my Capital One debt, now, I have a very basic understanding of matters! Are Red a part of Lowell, or completely seperate? and I f my debt has been sold to Lowell how can Red now be collecting? There is no mention of Lowell in their letter, just my debt owed to Cap One. I really feel quite confused now and am wondering wheter I now need to CCA red also? The may point in the letter is 'we now intend to advise our client to issue a county court claim'.....is still an empty threat?? Please help!!!!! Many Thanks Rachael:confused:
  2. Hello all, I've searched all over for a copy of the CCA request letter but to no avail...could anyone point me in the right direction?? Also, do I send this directly to Cap 1 or to Lowell as they have now sold on my debt to these? Thankyou
  3. Can anyone advse to the amounts woolwich are refunding on exit fees? Hopefully this is in the correct thread!
  4. Is anyone able to give me an idea of how long cap 1 take to reply to SAR? I know they have 40 days but am itching for their reply!!
  5. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether I write to monument direct, if so do you have an address? I can't find one anywhere, or do I write to Barclays as they are a part of them? Thanks
  6. Could anyone advise me of the address for MONUMENT, or do I just write to Barclays? I can't seem to find it anywhere!
  7. Hi all, I'm somewhat unsure of my position here, I've succesfully claimed my charges from Woolwich and Barclays so am aware of the process, my question is, can I can back from credit card companys, b/card, cap 1 etc on accounts that 12 months ago I settled with 'full and final' agreements, i.e, I offered them a partial amount not to chase me further. Am I still able to claim all the unlawful chardges and ask for default removal, or have I shot myself in the foot?! Thanks
  8. Please forgive my ignorance (or stupidity!), I'm currently putting together my other halfs charges for Lioyds,, his statements/charges differ somewhat to my Barclays ones! Can we include in his claim what Lloyds refer to as 'chg-overdraft interest' this adds up to some £20 each month, and would really like to include this charge!! Thanks in advance Rachael
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