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  1. sorry admin, how do i get permision ? my site is not for profit and i think people that have had problems with speed e loans may find it interesting.
  2. this company seem to think they can do what they like i have had the same problems. Once they have your account details they think they can take money whenever they feel like it.
  3. nearly forgot to say, feel free to post some comments on the blog i know they look at it they wrote to me saying they would not investigate my complaint any further because i had created it
  4. Hi guys I have a few pay day loan that i have been paying back to get to a better financial place. I phoned a company called [EDIT] to make an arrangement and they agreed 3 monthly installments. Any way on the day they were supposed to take the first payment they took the whole lot. This is wrong because they promised they wouldn't. Luckily i had the call recorded. I want to make a complaint about this company to the FOS and I have also complained to the BCCA who haven't really done anything as of yet. Anyway i have created a blog about my experience with this company in the hope it will help others. You cam also listen to the recording of the call and how they offer to extend my loan even though they know i cant pay it back. I dont know what out come i will get but i want to make other people aware
  5. have you tried pressing f11 ? often works or use the options tab
  6. you cant pair an iphone to pc via bluetooth. it dosent support that function. YOu can do it via cloud using wifi
  7. music paradise lets you both download and stream music it dosent seed but you will be using a lot of data streaming music to your device. A standard album for example is about 80meg but this will vary depending on the encode type and track volume. If she is using the phone at home to do this why not let it connect to wifi and then she wont be using any of here data allowance
  8. you could always download av player from the app store. That will let you play anything without hte need for conversion. I use it on my pad and its great simple to use and you can just drag and drop videos to it
  9. try using qr driod works well on my samsung hope this helps
  10. yep happened to me put on 2 stone. I reccpmend replacing the fags with carrots
  11. only a matter of time befor they do that here , giving up smoking is tough i know so best not to start in the first place
  12. Hi wondering if some one can help. I have followed the various steps to reclaim my charges from Nationwide. I issued a claim via momeyclaim and Nationwide have advised they intend to defend the claim. I know this is normal and that claimants then normally have money paid into their account. My circumstances are a little different. I fell into debt with the nationwide due to the failure of a business, the nationwide closed my account and took me court were a judgment was issued against me for £1750. Nationwide then registered this as a debt against my property. I no longer have access to my account. Does anyone have experience of this and can anyone advise of the likely outcome. many thanks Chris £2666 in claim
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